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Throughout the years of China’s economic development, we have seen many examples from around and witnessed the old generation’s impoverishment to the end of their lives and their wealth, as well as the stage from impoverishment to richness to desolateness. The previous model of doing business was basically to pull relationships. It didn't matter. It was difficult to do. When you talk about business every day, it's nothing more than drinking and singing and playing with women. It's not that rough, but the fact is that it's a lot now, but it's a lot better than before. It's much better now that China is quietly transitioning with the Internet.
Once those who used to eat, drink, and play as a businessman, it is now difficult to maintain it in this way. The cost of investing in food and drink is high. If the buyer is not seen, the purchaser is not a person who can decide on the list, but it is free. Enjoying the gracious treatment given by those businessmen but not doing things, the risk is actually even greater. At the end of the day, all the money is gone, but the list is not enough to get them. Finally, they can only return home. I don't think that people who do business must be slick people, but I admit that slick people are suitable for doing business, but they can't do big business. Only honest, trustworthy, forward-looking, and prudent people will grow bigger and bigger. As I analyzed it, I divided the businessman into three kinds of people, allowing me to offend.
The first type of business people is rich and poor, this is basically a low level of education, usually junior high school or high school reading is not good, after dropping out of school to do business, these people are prone to a problem, that is, like to eat, drink, play, Accompanied by customers to pull relations, the money will be spent immediately, did not do a long-term plan, basically will eventually fall into a list, property and two empty situation.
The second type of businessman is a literary person, who reads books very well, has a high level of education, thinks more comprehensively about the problem, and works humbly and modestly. Such a businessman will help the company develop to a certain stage, make a qualitative change, and develop the other company. The better.
The third kind of business people are honest people. The honest people I speak here are swearwords, not derogatory terms, not mean to be dumb, but also more suitable for our people. We may not be as slick as we can play. It may not be so smart, but we can choose to be honest people, be a part of people, and be diligent, motivated, and of good quality. Now, many people really like to do business with honest people. Because they don’t slick their heads, they don’t feel deceived, they are very comfortable giving their orders to each other, they don’t say one or two, and are tight-lipped. 100 WLED explosion-proof light
All the products of our company have passed the inspection. Please do not question the quality of the products.
Due to continuous product updates and updates, the company can not ensure that the products received by customers are exactly the same as the website pictures and attachment descriptions; only the original goods can be guaranteed. Please contact with our company business before purchase to confirm purchase.
Due to the delivery of third-party products for delivery, there is no guarantee that the product will not be damaged during transportation. If any damage is found after arrival, please contact the company in a timely manner.
Please install and use the product in strict accordance with the product specification, and install it by a professional electrician. From the date of purchase, any product quality problems that occur naturally within one year will be repaired by the company free of charge.
Quality assurance: 120wLED explosion-proof lights
The company's production of this product strictly implements the ISO9001 international quality management system standard production, to ensure that product quality fully meets the national standards and design requirements, the product is implemented for 7 years warranty (light source for 2 years), within 7 years from the date of purchase, the product is normal The use of any failure under the responsibility of free maintenance by the Shubao explosion-proof.
Shuobao Explosion Professions designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of products based on the concept of energy saving, environmental friendly, practical, efficient and innovative.
Yueqing Suobao explosion-proof Technology Co., Ltd. based in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, is a professional production of explosion-proof LED lighting fixtures manufacturers. Our LED products are explosion-proof lighting fixtures national certification authority certification, explosion-proof certificate is complete. Quality assurance! LED explosion proof lights have 3 years free replacement of any quality problems, 7-year housing warranty !!
Dare to promise! Dare to guarantee! From the self-confidence of the quality of our products!
Our sales network has spread all over the country, and now the direct offices of each region are increasing. Manufacturers directly face the user (site sales - door-to-door delivery - home maintenance).
Why did we choose our huge explosion-proof?
1. The first year in the industry is for a free replacement 7-year warranty for 3 years.
2. Use international brand light sources (Crete XTE, U.S. Puri, Philips, OSRAM, etc.) to ensure light efficiency.
3. Explosion-proof certificate, test report, etc. Rest assured.
4. Stable performance, professional light distribution, sufficient power, low light loss, energy saving.
5. Many offices across the country have been set up directly (sales - maintenance - delivery) All regional distributors are located throughout the country.

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