2011 Top 500 Chinese Announced that Hubei Dongfeng, Wuhan Iron & Steel, Yihua, etc. were Shortlisted

Recently, the top 500 Chinese enterprises were announced in 2011. It is understood that this is the tenth time that the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneurs Association have announced the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises. The top 5 are Sinopec, PetroChina, State Grid, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Mobile. Dongfeng Company ranked 13th and ranked the top in the automotive industry.

It is reported that the list of top 500 Chinese enterprises has a certain degree of stability, and the scale is gradually growing. The threshold of this year's top 500 entries was raised to 14.198 billion yuan, an increase of 28.11% over the previous year, which was the largest increase since the international financial crisis in 2008.

Of the top 500 manufacturing companies released, the top five were Sinopec, Dongfeng, SAIC, FAW and Baosteel, and Dongfeng ranked second. According to the briefing, the top 500 manufacturing companies in terms of operating income, total assets, owner's equity, profits, and thresholds were all significantly higher than the previous year. From the perspective of industry distribution, the industries with the largest number of short-listed companies include chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, automobile and spare parts manufacturing, electricity, electricity, and power transmission and transformation. In terms of geographical distribution, the trend of the finalists in the east is not changed. Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Guangdong had a total of 368 finalists, accounting for 73.6%, an increase of 23 over the previous year. The advantage in the eastern region continues to increase.

In addition, the organizing committee also released top 500 manufacturing industries and top 500 service industries. Among the top 500 manufacturing companies, Dongfeng Motor Company has driven the profitability of the entire Dongfeng Motor Group with the strong market performance of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles Tianlong Heavy Truck, Tianjin, Jinka, Mengka and Kangba Zhongka. Ranked among the top 500 companies, it surpassed SAIC Group for the first time and ranked the top in the automotive industry.

In addition, the reporter learned that the number of enterprises in the top 500 manufacturing industries in Hubei Province has not exceeded 10, such as Dongfeng, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Yihua Group, Hubei Zhongyan, Wuhan Yuhua Steel and Sanhuan Group.

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According to comparative data, the entry threshold for the top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2011 increased from 11.08 billion yuan last year to 14.19 billion yuan, an increase of 28.1%. In 2011, the total revenue of China's top 500 enterprises reached 36.31 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.6% over the previous year; total assets reached 108.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.4%; total profit was 2.08 trillion yuan, an increase of 38.67%; It reached 2.73 trillion yuan, an increase of 28.77%, accounting for 37.3% of the total national tax revenue in 2010, and its share increased by 1.6 percentage points from the previous year. In addition, the total growth rate of the top 500 overseas Chinese operating businesses in China in 2011 was 53.55%, the total overseas assets growth rate was 38.9%, and the total number of overseas employees increased by 35.48%. Among the listed companies, 182 companies reported mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations. A total of 1,112 companies were merged and reorganized. Some local state-owned enterprises were among the top 500 in the world through mergers and reorganizations.

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