2012 commercial vehicle sales "top spot" Futian continues to sit

A few days ago, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced the "status report" of China's commercial vehicle market in 2012, Foton Motors, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles and Jianghuai Automobile, with the top three in the commercial vehicle market with 620,000, 540,000 and 270,000 respectively. It is worth noting that due to the slowdown in China's economic growth and many other factors, the market expectations of various automakers are not satisfactory. Against this backdrop, the market share of Foton Motors continues to grow, making it a rare spot for the commercial vehicle market. Continue to sit steadily on the top spot in the commercial vehicle market. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle followed closely, and the situation of two competitive hegemony in the commercial vehicle market was still not broken. In addition, Foton Motor ranked first in commercial vehicle companies for 9 consecutive years with a brand value of 42.865 billion yuan.

Quality and service boost brand-name projects

With the upgrading of global economic integration and consumption concepts, commercial vehicle users are no longer focusing solely on the cost-effectiveness of their products, but are paying more attention to the use value derived from quality and services. Industry insiders said that in the face of changes in this market and consumer trends, the company will actively seek change, and commercial vehicle companies that are “big efforts and make great efforts” in quality and service will be more sought after by the market. Foton can win the top spot in global sales. This is also evidence of this market trend.

It is reported that in 2012, Foton Motor formally established five transformation strategies and promotes the transformation of enterprises and products from the low-end to the high-end, investment-to-consumption transformation, manufacturing-to-service transition, domestic-to-foreign transformation, and gold value. Extension of the chain.

Under the guidance of this strategic transformation, Foton Motor has created a brand-name project and actively promoted the improvement of quality. Foton Motor Co., Ltd. uses Beijing as the center to link global technology, to create first-class products for customers around the world, and to provide world-class mid-range products for the world. At the same time, standing at the high point of internationalization, Foton Motors and the world automobile industry Daimler and Cummins are two well-known enterprises form a solid strategic alliance, thus occupying the two commanding heights of heavy vehicles and light engines. It can be said that Foton Motor has been at the forefront of the commercial vehicle industry in product R&D. In particular, new energy vehicles are at the leading position in the domestic market. From the overall product layout, Foton's product line extends from a single light truck business to a full range of commercial vehicles, and then extends from all commercial vehicles to passenger vehicles, new energy vehicles and other fields. Foton Motor's product layout has become increasingly comprehensive and rich.

At the 2013 annual business conference, Foton Motor officially launched a product brand-name project-service section, opened a new chapter in the creation of a system service brand project, and enabled customers to truly experience the brand value through a “customer-centric” service concept, and further Deepening the "Worry-free" service brand and putting forward the service slogan of "Caring for the Whole Worry". In particular, the "5T" service standard, China's first world-class heavy truck service standard launched by Auman GTL, allows customers to enjoy the entire process, full cycle, all-around, all-unified, and full-satisfaction world class from car purchase to car use. Service standards.

Foton Motor boosts product brand name with service. Futian Automobile's "active change" strategy will also accelerate consumers' attention to brand quality and service, leading to changes in the entire market.

Strategic Navigation Innovation Leading

In the “micro-growth” era, industry professionals believe that Chinese commercial vehicle companies need innovation, and innovation includes not only product innovation but also service and management innovation. Low-yield and low-efficiency have been synonymous with commercial vehicles. The pursuit of high efficiency and high profitability by users has led to a need for upgrading the technology and performance of the product in recent years.

"The drive for innovation has become a national strategy. The real competitiveness of Chinese companies is not only creation, but also the delivery of product orders and the ability to deliver product orders." Futian Automobile Group general manager Wang Jinyu said.

According to the strategic transformation objectives of Foton Motor, by 2020, Foton Motor will become a comprehensive international automobile company with a high degree of integration of fashion technology and humanistic environmental protection. At the same time, in the phased strategic objectives, Foton Motor will complete sales of 754,000 vehicles in 2013. Facing the operational tasks in 2013, Fu Xiang Automobile Group Deputy General Manager Wang Xiangyin stated that the overall market share of Foton Motor in the commercial vehicle market To reach 23%, further consolidate the market's status.

In order to maintain the leading speed, Foton Motor opened its 2013 operating principle - capacity building and product brand name engineering. In terms of capacity building, Foton Motor will focus on “focusing on two enhanced delivery capabilities”, namely product order delivery capabilities and product order delivery capabilities. In terms of “brand-name projects”, Foton Motor achieved brand enhancement and reputation improvement at three levels: physical quality, product service, and high premium product brand.

Market-oriented, user-centered, and strategic goals as the yardstick, Foton Motor has transformed through innovation, product and service innovation, and has continuously increased its core competitiveness and brand influence in a fiercely competitive market. At the end of the year, Foton Motor not only gave itself a satisfactory market response, but also provided a development goal for the commercial vehicle industry.


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