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[China Instrument Network News] news view, focus on dynamics. Today is Monday, August 22, and it is a week full of vitality. Instrument Network will present you with the latest developments in the industry. Today's main contents are:

Who will be the protagonist in the upcoming biggest event of the instrumentation industry ? 【details】

Baotou, Inner Mongolia invests more than 67 million to carry out electricity meter reconstruction project [Details]

Instrumentation Industry Industrial Capital Alliance has established many instrument companies to participate in [Details]

Jitian Instruments atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer and other products are very popular with Wow Haha Group. [Details]

National well-known brand instrumentation demonstration area through inspection and acceptance to promote industrial gathering 【Details】

Helping G20 Central Control build Xihu World Cultural Heritage Visitors Monitoring Project [Details]

Zhejiang Metrology Institute cooperates with Egyptian enterprises to carry out water meter testing services[detailed content]

Kaiyuan Instruments seeks to save the revenue decline path Mergers and acquisitions restructuring the education industry 【Details】

[Meter's Latest Patent] involves a multiphase flowmeter with batch separation, applied by Rosemount, and obtained an authorization announcement on August 17, 2016 [details]

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