A batch of Yellow River light truck dump trucks from China National Heavy Duty Truck successfully trial production in recent days

Recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck Light Truck Group successfully trialed a number of light dump trucks for the Yellow River. The new Yellow River Light Truck Dump Truck has been fully upgraded in terms of safety, comfort and bearing capacity. At present, the batches of models have gradually been put into mass production.

The safety features of the dump trucks for the Yellow River light trucks use mature product technologies to optimize structural design and pursue a perfect blend of lightweight and heavy loads. It adopts a colorless laminated glass, which can improve the safety of the vehicle while satisfying a clear vision. The metal bumper is strong and durable, and can absorb and buffer in case of accident. As for the body design, the structure of the cab has good buffering performance. It can meet the requirements of European collisions; the high-strength plates used in large compartments have high steel strength, bending resistance, and are not easily deformed; the pneumatic dual-circuit + air-brake brake is used to increase the brake air chamber and make the brake more reliable and stable.

In terms of comfort, the streamlined design adopted by the light truck dumping of the Yellow River not only has a low coefficient of drag to the best performance in the industry, but also has a beautiful, stylish and atmospheric appearance. It also provides a pleasing sensation; Users get on and off the car; ergonomic design and layout, so that the seat effectively reduce fatigue; front and rear steering wheel adjustment functions, as well as a variety of operations at your fingertips, but also easy to ride; as the frame mirror, no Blind area, good vision.

In addition, the model adopts a high-strength steel double-layer frame, a reinforced leaf spring design, and a variety of specifications of wire tires to effectively increase the load capacity of the entire vehicle. The beam is a stamped and formed, strong bending, torsion, bearing capacity, strong and durable; rear axle plate spring according to the transport media to provide a variety of configurations to meet the user's bearing needs; large speed ratio range and low gear box Strengthen the design, which is conducive to vehicle climbing and can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions.

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