A farmer in Suichang County, Zhejiang Province successfully developed a chestnut sheller

Bao Jinliang, a farmer from Suichang County, successfully developed a chestnut sheller. Recently, the chestnut shelling machine invented by Bao Jinliang was granted a utility model patent by the State Intellectual Property Office.
Bao Jinliang is a native of Cangwu Village in Miaogao Town and has long been engaged in iron processing. He said that the family always had chestnuts. When the chestnuts matured, the family members would help to peel the chestnuts by hand and prepare to sell them at the market the next day. Hand-picked chestnuts are slow and tired, often to dry until midnight, and often give chestnut stab wounds. Once, his daughter said that Dad can make a chestnut machine by processing iron pieces. The daughter's words gave him the idea of ​​making a chestnut sheller.
In 2005, Bao Jinliang produced the first chestnut sheller through his repeated research. However, through the use of the discovery, the effect is not satisfactory, the machine is often stuck by the chestnut shell, the shelling rate and the fruit integrity rate are also very poor, and the weight of more than 100 kilograms is not convenient to carry.
Bao Jinliang, who likes to study in peacetime, is not discouraged. He re-disassembles the machine, improves each part, and repeatedly draws drawings for research at night. After two years of hard work, his second generation of chestnut shelling machine was developed. Compared with the first one, the machine's performance is more stable, the operation is more convenient, and the use effect is more ideal. The whole machine weighs 55 kilograms and can peel more than 100 kilograms of chestnut seeds per hour, which is 30 times of manual efficiency, the fruit integrity rate reaches 98%, and the shell removal rate reaches 98%.
Hua Dunyu, an engineer at the Zhangchang County Forestry Bureau who has been engaged in chestnut research for nearly 20 years, believes that the invention of the chestnut sheller will reduce the labor intensity of farmers and improve labor efficiency, and will also promote the development of the chestnut industry.

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