A New Trial of “One Belt and One Road” by Weichai: Exporting “Weichai Manufacturing” in Myanmar

Myanmar, Weichai has laid an important position in its overseas operations. Since 2013, when Weichai and Myanmar signed a technology export agreement, a group of approved Weichai people arrived in the area with mature and reliable Weichai manufacturing.

Myanmar Project - A New Model of "Belt and Road"

Myanmar’s industrial base is weak, and it basically does not have the ability to independently produce diesel engines. According to the agreement, Weichai will export diesel engine manufacturing technology to Myanmar. In 2014, the first locally assembled engines were successfully installed on trucks assembled in Burma; at the end of 2015, 200 sets of diesel engine CKD parts were assembled; in June 2016, the first cylinder block cylinder heads went offline at the Myanmar factory and the test run succeeded. The party gradually grasps the manufacturing process of key components...

With the smooth progress of the work, the Burmese project has become a new model of the “Belt and Road Initiative” of the Weichai cultivator, the export of technology licenses.

There are 17 members of the project team that is based in the Myanmar factory. They are responsible for technical support and assisting Myanmar personnel to master the casting, machining and assembly processes of key components.

Mr. Zhang Gengsheng, assistant to general manager of Weichai, and Xue Hua, general manager of Singapore Co., Ltd. came to Myanmar to visit everyone and encouraged everyone to make concerted efforts to get the project to sunset.

Lu Lianzhu is the team's veritable “big captain” who is responsible for the coordination and scheduling of the entire work. The engineer Zhang Yongqing, who is responsible for the Myanmar factory's foundry project, is affectionately referred to as the “logistics minister” by the small partners. He fights the size of life. They are well-organized and can remember the birthdays of every player. Song Haiyang, the deputy captain, is the "Ministry of Transport" of the team. No matter whether it is a new player who has just come from China or an old player who has returned home, this is Dedicated “Minister” personally picks up and returns.

Each member of the project team performs their duties and cooperates with each other in a tacit understanding, overcoming many difficulties encountered in work and life. At the same time, the Myanmar project has also received strong support from the Weichai Manufacturing Engineering Department and other departments. Liu Qingyi and Wang Yuchun, Weichai's deputy chief technologists, personally went to the Myanmar factory to guide Myanmar personnel on the spot.

With the support of multiple forces, as of now, the second phase of the Myanmar factory has been fully installed and put into operation smoothly.

Output "Weichai Manufacturing" and output "Weichai Spirit"!

In order to allow “Winchwood Manufacturing” to take root in Myanmar as soon as possible, the project team proposed a unified “action plan”: Although they are abroad, they must strictly abide by the rules and regulations of Weichai as well as local customs and practices, and remember the spirit of Weichai. Always maintain the image of Weichai.

The project team set up a temporary office in the factory to establish on-site behavior standards and operation management methods. It also moved the desk to the scene of the workshop to ensure that the day's problems were closed on the day; proactively extended the working hours, and all holidays were carried out according to Burmese regulations; during the Spring Festival Adhere to stationed posts.

For this reason, the young Cao Shaohua twice postponed the engagement date. The first cry for Guo Mingxiang, who was the father of the father, heard that the child was born is on the phone's head...

Every afternoon, Weichai’s project team in Myanmar meets once to discuss the resolution of the day’s problems.

“In the beginning, Burmese workers could not understand the passion and hard work of the Weichai people. They even questioned them or needed excuses to shirk when they needed to work with them.”

“Luan Captain” Lu Lianzhu recalled the various obstacles he had encountered when dealing with Myanmar personnel. In his opinion, the process of technological output is not only the teaching of their technological processes and management skills, but also the subtle influence of Weichai's cultural and spiritual concepts.

Due to the weak industrial foundation, Burmese workers have not only poor technical capabilities but also weak security awareness. In the workshop, they do not wear anti-smashing shoes, not to mention helmets, gloves, protective glasses, etc. Many workers are used to wearing slippers to work. In the eyes of the Weichai people, this is absolutely unbearable. The project team is determined to help them get rid of these bad habits.

As the work progresses, the Weichai people overcome language, culture, and other obstacles. They teach the people of Myanmar how to preach, teach, and impart technology, and infect them with rigorous, practical work attitude and passionate “sweet firewood spirit”. Slowly, they have become serious, trustful, and cooperative from procrastinating and straying.

The work of the Weichai project team has been highly recognized by the Myanmar side, and the relationship between the two parties is also constantly breaking through the spark of friendship, and the promotion of the project is getting better.

With the completion of the commissioning of the two processing lines, in the next batch production stage, the project team will also focus on training Burmese employee equipment maintenance, program optimization, exception handling, and quality management knowledge and methods, and will mature and effective Weichai. The quality control model was copied to Burma to ensure that “Weichai quality”, whether in China or Burma, was equally outstanding, reliable and durable, and established the brand reputation of Weichai Manufacturing in Myanmar.

Myanmar is an emerging economy along the Belt and Road. As its democratic process and pace of economic reforms accelerate, it will bring unlimited business opportunities. The Myanmar project is Weichai's first technology license export project, which not only drives the export of Weichai engine parts, but also drives related powertrains and vehicle products into the Myanmar market, giving Weichai a more favorable competitive position in the Myanmar market.

At the same time, under the technical support of Weichai, the Myanmar project will also benefit the local area and significantly increase the local machinery manufacturing capacity, sowing the seed of a modern industry in this somewhat backward country.

From the Pacific to the Mediterranean, from Myanmar to India, Ethiopia, and Weichai are using responsible attitudes and practical actions to work hard on the "Belt and Road" internationalization road to serve our customers.

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