Application of Plant Pathogen Tester in Diagnosis of Diseases of Chinese Medicinal Materials

Although Chinese herbal medicines are drugs themselves, they can cure diseases for humans. However, in the process of growth, many times they are infected with various diseases, and Chinese herbal medicines often have no way to deal with these plant diseases. To solve. The plant pathogen detector is a plant disease detection instrument widely used in the agricultural field. Its application in the diagnosis of Chinese herbal medicine diseases provides important technical support for the safe development of the Chinese herbal medicine industry.

Plant pathogen detector

In general, the occurrence of plant diseases of Chinese medicinal materials is related to many factors, such as environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, and soil conditions. However, in the past, the diagnosis of Chinese herbal medicine plant diseases has been judged by experience, and it is judged from the appearance of the appearance. However, this diagnosis method is not only delayed, but also prone to diagnosis errors, because different pathogens will cause similarity. Symptoms, we can hardly distinguish; the same pathogen infection of different hosts can show different symptoms, it is difficult to give the opposite; physiologic diseases such as deficiency and yellowing are similar to those caused by viral diseases. Once the judgment is wrong, the medication will definitely go wrong, and eventually the plant disease is difficult to control effectively and the loss is serious. Therefore, in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of plant diseases, it is necessary to find an effective method for early detection of diseases.

A plant disease is an abnormal state in which the plant is affected by pathogenic organisms or adverse environmental factors, internal physiological activities and appearance and growth and development. Therefore, the plant has a disease, which is first reflected from the internal reaction of the plant, so the internal detection It is an effective method of disease diagnosis. The plant pathogen detector is a professional instrument that can quickly help the internal plant detection and analysis of various crop diseases in agricultural work. In the diagnosis of Chinese herbal medicine diseases, the instrument can be used to help determine the types of plant diseases and diagnose the cause, so as to solve the problem. To provide a scientific basis for guiding scientific medicine and preventing the spread of Chinese herbal medicine diseases.

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