Car chassis damage without panic maintenance tips analysis

When it was far from the repair point, the car was broken. It was really a headache. If you have equipment, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the car after you have a car.

When it comes to car maintenance, chassis care is most likely to be ignored by driver friends, but the importance of the maintenance of the chassis in winter or wet weather is obvious. In the winter, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the chassis and prevent rust. First of all, the chassis should be thoroughly cleaned. If there is too much mud in the chassis, it must be washed again with an oil-removing detergent to expose the chassis to the original “natural” color so that the rust preventive care can be started. In a professional beauty shop, the car can be lifted to a lifting rack for chassis cleaning, wiping, and rust prevention. In the middle of this should pay attention to, after the cleaning must be sure to wait until the water on the plate after the dry, in order to carry out anti-rust care. When performing care, be sure to maintain a uniform spray coating to form a durable layer of uniform anti-rust coating. After the completion of all the natural air drying 5-10 minutes, the chassis rust treatment is completed.

After the professional chassis care is done, it does not mean that it is completely foolproof. There is a misunderstanding that people often wash the car by themselves in order to love the car, and often add some detergents. Please be careful not to use alkalinity. detergent? Washing powder and so on? Rinse the body and chassis, otherwise it will affect the anti-rust effect and shorten the anti-rust time.

It is recommended that you go to a professional beauty shop to do card care. There is a simple way to check out the quality of the product. After the high-pressure water jet washing, the chassis of the rust-proofing care is almost not hung. This effect means that it is genuine. Care can play a very good rust protection effect.

Vehicle Chassis Parts Damage First Aid When the vehicle is damaged in the field or far from the vehicle repair location and the chassis components are damaged, the following emergency methods can be used to drive the vehicle to the place where the vehicle is repaired.

Brake cylinder leakage brake fluid or the branch pipeline broken, can be used in the branch of the pump pipe with tin, copper skin to be a small mat, block the pipeline, and then tighten the screws, or the fracture flat, The curling is blocked, so that the wheel can not be used as a brake. However, doing so may cause unilateral braking, and should pay attention to safety when driving.

The brake master cylinder lacks brake fluid and can be replaced with alcohol or liquor. In special cases, fresh water can be used instead. Brake cups rise and the soaked skin cups are soaked in hot water for 10 minutes to 20 minutes to remove the oily components from the bowl so that the cups can be restored to their original size.

The clutch friction plate is ablated and slippery, and the friction plate that is less severe for ablation can be turned over. If the ablation is severe, several layers of cotton or canvas can be used, with steel wire or wire passing through the hole in the steel sheet to fix it. When driving a vehicle, it should be done steadily and the gear shifts quickly.

The tie rod ball joint is broken. In the bumper or other places that do not affect the driving, remove a screw with a total length similar to the ball joint to replace the broken ball joint. After installing the knuckle arm and nut, expose the screw. Partially riveted with a hammer. Damage to the triaxial automobile differential gear, such as damage to the differential in the rear axle, can be removed from the bridge driveshaft and axles, and continue driving. If the front differential is damaged, the hub splint can be removed and continued.

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