Centrifugal pump bearings. Stuffing box fever causes machine maintenance

【cause of issue】

â‘  centrifugal pump stuffing box insufficient oil or stuffing box into the water.
â‘¡ centrifugal pump stuffing box stuffing pressure is too tight â‘¢ centrifugal pump shaft bending.
â‘£ coupling coupling shaft or coaxial drive shaft is too tight.
⑤ Centrifugal pump bearing is not installed properly or the gap is not appropriate.
â‘¥ Centrifugal bearings poor lubrication (such as poor lubrication quality, lack of capacity) lead to centrifugal pump bearing wear or damage.
⑦ centrifugal pump blocked the balance hole, resulting in axial thrust increases.

【Maintenance Methods】

① First, open the gland of the stuffing box of the pump and check the packing properties and filling conditions. If it is a variation of the properties of the filler, it should be replaced by a new filler; if the filler is not properly loaded, you should re-fill the filler (usually filler layer 4-5 layer is appropriate). Then, the test? 饣 饣 墓 髯 髯 髯 髯 髯 髯 pure 觯 绻? 饣 饣 饣 饣 饣 饣 饣 湫 湫 湫 湫 则 则 则 position should be repaired or replaced. Finally, tighten the stuffing box gland appropriately.
â‘¡ Open the pump stuffing gland, adjust the degree of packing reasonably, and tighten the gland screw of the stuffing box of the pump properly (usually, the dripping amount is 60 drops / minute).
â‘¢ disassemble the pump body, remove the pump shaft for bench verification and find the bending parts.
â‘£ The use of coupling connection drive, you can change the relative position of the pump and power installation, so that the two drive shaft axis in the same axis. If the adjustment, however, the coupling should be repaired or replaced; on the use of belt drive, it should be reasonable to adjust the tension of the drive belt.
⑤ open the pump body, check the bearing installation, rotation and surface temperature (temperature should not exceed 80 ° c, compared with the ambient temperature can not exceed 40 ° C), requires the bearing outer diameter and bearing bore both Should not be too tight and should not be too loose and rotate freely. Too tight or too loose, can be adopted in the bearing surface gasket (paper pad) method to adjust; if the bearing is damaged, you should replace the corresponding specifications of the new bearing.
⑥ open the pump body, remove the bearing and check, if the bearing wear has been severely damaged (such as the ball off, dismantling, etc.), you should replace the appropriate type of new bearings. If the lubricant inside the bearing becomes dirty, drain the dirty oil thoroughly and thoroughly clean the bearing with cleaning oil (kerosene or diesel) and then properly lubricate the bearing lubricant (calcium-based butter for pump bearings). If the bearing oil is not dirty, you should check the crisp 酥 heart Chen 蠡 偷 steal Jun? 蠡 土 土 ridge stunted? Appropriate amount of qualified lubricants (but note that the amount of lube oil should not be too much , Otherwise it will cause the bearing temperature to rise). Bearings without oil is generally due to deformation bearing bearing oil, wear resulting, should be repaired or replaced as the case may be.
Bearing inspection 私 匦 匦 匦 匦 匦 匦 芭 芭 岢 Yan 岢 imprisonment 谥 Rong? Use a diameter greater than the outer diameter of the bearing shaft and the inner diameter of the sleeve slightly smaller than the sleeve Hold the inner ring and knock it in place. If you can not find the sleeve, you can use a copper rod against the shaft ??? Stingy cellar? Mess mess? And make it in place. If the bearing and journal fit too tightly and are not easily knocked in place, the bearing can be heated to 100 ° C and the journal can be quickly placed while still hot. In addition, when installing the bearings, the label must be outward, in order to check the bearing type for the next replacement.
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