Changes in electromagnetic quantity and mutual influence

In the case where the magnetic flux is kept constant, the motor electromagnetic torque and the slip angular velocity ωs1 are approximately proportional. A similar relationship can be derived for the dynamic process, but this is the angular velocity of the rotor between the rotor field and the rotor of the motor. Alternate use of zero, non-zero voltage vector, so that the stator flux vector can be stopped and stopped, the flux angle can be controlled to control the dynamic characteristics of the torque and the steady-state error. The division of the sector according to the error signal of the flux and torque combined with the region where the stator flux is located selects the optimal voltage vector required to achieve the constant control of the stator flux linkage in the direct torque control system, and the trajectory approximates the circle and Dynamically adjust torque requirements.

System simulation fan fuzzy direct torque control system simulation structure. The system includes a complete module of the motor, a fuzzy controller, a flux linkage signal selection module, a speed reference signal to a torque reference signal conversion module, a torque signal selection module, a sector signal selection module, and a voltage space vector selection module. , inverter modules, etc. Direct torque control requires that the stator flux linkage trajectory approximates a circle, with a fast torque response and small fluctuations. In the control system, a fuzzy controller is used to select the most suitable voltage space vector, that is, the switching state of the inverter, to ensure that the stator flux linkage trajectory is more similar to a circle, thereby obtaining high dynamic performance of the torque. The input signal is three-phase AC voltage and load torque. The output signal includes the main electromagnetic quantity required in the research of the fan motor fuzzy direct torque control system. It is convenient to observe the changes and interactions of these electromagnetic quantities.

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