CHD1200 Clamp Ground Resistance Tester Technical Summary

Measuring principle of explosion-proof clamp ground resistance tester:
1.CHD1200 clamp ground resistance tester resistance measurement principle
The basic principle of the clamp ground resistance meter to measure the ground resistance is to measure the loop resistance. The jaw part of the clamp meter is composed of a voltage coil and a current coil. The voltage coil provides the excitation signal and induces a potential E on the circuit under test. Under the action of the potential E, a current I will be generated in the circuit under test. The clamp meter measures E and I, and the measured resistance R can be obtained by the following formula.
2. Principle of current measurement of CHD1200 clamp ground resistance tester
The basic principle of the current measurement by the clamp ground resistance meter is the same as that of the current transformer. The explosion-proof clamp ground resistance tester measures the AC current I of the wire, generates an inductive current I1 through the current loop and current coil of the jaw, and measures the I1 by the clamp meter.
Power: 6VDC (4 AA alkaline dry batteries)
Working temperature: -10 ℃ -55 ℃
Relative humidity: 10% -90%
LCD display: 4-digit LCD digital display, length and width 47 × 28.5mm
Jaw opening size: 32mm
Clamp meter quality (including battery): long jaw 1160g; round jaw 1120g
Clamp meter size: long jaw length 285mm, width 85mm, thickness 56mm
Round jaw length 260mm, width 90mm, thickness 66mm
Protection level: double insulation
Structural features: jaw way

Standard: ANSI/ASME B16.5, JIS B2220, KS B1503, EN1092-1, UNI, DIN, BS, AWWA, API, MSS, SABS, ASA, GOST standard
Method: By forging, Forged Flange, stainless Steel Flange
Pressure: 5K-30K (JIS B2220/KS B1503), 150Lbs - 2500Lbs (ANSI), PN6-PN100 (DIN, UNI, EN1092-1)
Size: 1/2"- 80", DN15-DN2000.
Type: Welded Neck, Blind, Threaded, Lap Joint, Socket Weld, SOH, SOP, Slip On (SO) FF, RF, Plate
Material:  304, 316L
Marking: On Required
Packing: Wooden Pallets

Sanitary Flange

Sanitary Flange
Painting: Rust-preventative oil painting or Black/yellow/varnish painting or Galvanizing
Quality control: Internal/ ISO9001, KS approval etc
Inspection: Internal / Third party
Certificate: Material certificate, Physico-chemical analysis certificate etc.


Types' Specification
Welding neck
1, Preferred for high-pressure, subzero or elevated temperature
2, Hub is tapered and bored to match pipe's inside diameter so flow is not restricted, preventing turbulence and reducing erosion
3, Easily radiographed and provides excellent stress distribution
1, Not normally used in high-stress applications due to low hub and weld attachment
2, Silps over outside of pipe
3, Inside of flange welded at hub and end of pipe
Lap joint
1, Used where bolt alignment or access for cleaning is required
2, Similar to slip-on flange when used with lap joint stub end
3, Radius at intersection of flange face and bore to match lap joint stub end
1, Used where welding would would be hazardous
2, Designed for low-pressure and non-cyclic applications
3, Bore is threaded to match pipe thread
4, Tapered to seal pipe and flanges
Socket welding
1, For small-diameter chemical processes, hydraulic and stream distribution lines
2, Similar to slip-on flange
3, Counter bore matches pipe bore, allowing unrestricted flow
4, Counter bore from hub side fits pipe's outer diameter can insert pipe in socket with fillet weld at hub
1, Used to close ends of piping
2, Has no bore
3, Permits access to sealed lines
Other flanges
Orifice, Expander, Reducing, Lightweight, Studding Outlets, Long Weld Necks,Metric, Navy Drawings, Customer Drawings


1.Are you a trader or manufactor?
 We are a manufactor (Own Forging workshop and CNC machining workshop )
2.Can your products reach to FDA , CE and 3A requirements?
Yes, all of our material can reach to the requirements of FDA, ISO and 3A Certificate).

3.We can supply:
Sanitary Butterfly Valve, Sanitary Check Valve and Diaphragm Valves, as well as Various Tank Accessories:  Sight Glass, Strainers/Filter, Cleaning Ball, And other Pipe Fittings , (Pipe Unions: SMS, DIN, IDF, RJT, 3A,DS; Fittings: Ferrule,Elbow, Tee, Reducer and all other Non-standrad fittings), each products are tested well by our strictly Quality Control System, and we also have excellent service to support you and promote your business.
4.Lead Time:
For large quantity, as usual, it can be sent out within 20-40 days.
Small parcel will be dispatched by DHL, FedEx, UPS OR TNT Courier.
Big cargo will be delivered by Air freight or By Sea.
5.Our Service:
About payment:
Payment methods: L/C, T/ T, Paypal,Western Union

6.About samples:
We can provide samples production and service. Usually 2 to 5 days, the sample can be sent to your hands. We will choose the shipping way as you required: By sea, by air or by express. Any question about samples, please contact us.

7.For OEM products:
We will finish the production within 20-40 days after payment has been confirmed.
About delivery and shipping:
We will choose the delivery way as you required: By sea, by air, by express ect. Save your cost is our mission.

Any question or problem will be respond within 12 hours.

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If you can't solve the problem in your local, please delivery the product to us, we will repair it and then back to you.

11.Quality control:
All the products are calibrated with real working condition, and tested before shipping as qualified product.

12.Purpose:Attitude is everything.

Sanitary Flange

Flange Bearing,Steel Flange,Forged Flange,Welding Neck Flange

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