China developed a new expiratory peak flow meter for early screening of COPD

In today's increasingly developed economy and higher standard of living, health has become the most concerned issue. In contrast to acute diseases, chronic diseases are often missed due to minor signs and are easily overlooked. This is a "hidden killer" for people's health and will give people long-term harassment. If we can find chronic diseases early, then our health protection will increase.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, referred to as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is an airway obstructive disease characterized by progressive irreversibility and is a destructive lung disease. The early symptoms of this disease are difficult to detect, often hidden, and the compensatory function of the lung is difficult to detect and alert. If you wait until the diagnosis is confirmed, the lung function has been seriously damaged, which is very unfavorable for the treatment.

How can we detect COPD early? At present, this inspection is no longer a problem. Our experts have developed a handheld peak expiratory flow meter. With this instrument, you can perform an early diagnostic screening of COPD. Even if you do not feel any symptoms of your own, you can use the peak expiratory flow meter to perform a sensitive screening with a sensitivity of 80%. Due to the simple and inexpensive early screening, it can be promoted in the community. In the future, patients can be screened early in the community and the COPD disease can be killed early.

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