CNC cutting machine transmission device introduction

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1. Synchronous toothed belt Synchronous toothed belt drive is a new type of belt drive. It utilizes the tooth shape of the toothed belt and the toothing of the pulley to in turn transmit the motion and power, thus it has the advantages of belt transmission, gear transmission and chain transmission, and there is no relative sliding, the average transmission is more accurate, and the transmission accuracy is high. The toothed belt does not need to be particularly tensioned, so the load acting on the shaft and the bearing is small, and the transmission efficiency is also high, and it has been widely used in numerical control machine tools. The toothed belt has high strength, small thickness and light weight and can be used for high speed transmission. The main number and specifications of synchronous toothed belts are as follows:
1) pitch - pitch is the distance between two adjacent teeth on the pitch line. Because the strength layer does not change during operation, the centerline of the strength layer is defined as the pitch line of the toothed belt.
2) Modulus - Modulus is a major basis for calculating the size of a toothed belt.
3) Other parameters - The other parameters and dimensions of the toothed belt are basically the same as those of the involute rack.
2. Compared with the synchronous toothed belt, the gear transmission adopts the gear deceleration device in the feed chain of the numerical control machine tool, which is more likely to produce low-frequency oscillation. Therefore, the damper is often used in the deceleration mechanism to improve the dynamic performance. Gear transmission is a widely used type of mechanical transmission, and almost all gear transmissions of various machine tools have gear transmissions. There are two purposes of using a gear transmission in a servo machine feed system of a CNC machine. One is to change the output of the servo motor with high speed torque to the input of the actuator with low speed and large torque; the other is to make the moment of inertia of the ball screw and the table exclusively small in the system.
In order to minimize the influence of the backlash on the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools, measures are often taken in the structure to reduce or eliminate the idle error of the gear pair. Such as the use of double-pronged gear misfit method, the use of eccentric sleeve to adjust the center distance of the gear pair or use axial shim adjustment method to eliminate gear backlash.
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Uhmwpe Rope
UHMPE has many names: Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE or sometimes shortened to UHMW), also known as high-performance polyethylene (HPPE).
Manufacturers of ropes for boat use and general marine applications wax poetic and can only speak in superlatives when describing HMPE!
The characteristics of UHMWPE Rope
● UHMWPE Rope does NOT absorb water.

● HMPE feels very slippery to the hand.                                             

● Dyneema® and Spectra® are not weakened when wet as nylon is.

● Has a density of as little as .95 and floats on Sea Water
● It is stong. It is twice as strong as hardened steel (per unit area)
● HMPE has a very low coefficient of friction. In this it is similar to Teflon which is very slippery.
● Great abrasion Resistance
● UHMW-PE is self-lubricating
● UHMW-PE has good UV resistance.
● Low Elasticity.


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