CNC transformation of machine tool manufacturing needs to be improved

CNC transformation of machine tool manufacturing needs to be improved In recent years, the economic growth of China's machine tool industry has been rapid, and the numerical control rate of production machine tools has increased. However, there are more than 4 million ordinary machine tools in China, of which 1/4 of the machine tools are over 30 years old. These machine tools have no transformation value and need to be replaced. More than 70% of the remaining machine tools are capable of CNC transformation. . The transformation and renewal of many ordinary machine tools can form a new market demand of hundreds of billions of dollars, which can play a certain role in maintaining economic growth. Therefore, the numerical control transformation project can form an industrial added value of several hundred billion yuan.

Improve the safety level of CNC machine tools At present, the vast majority of machine tools used in China are ordinary machine tools. The number of ordinary machine tools is huge, and safety issues are highlighted. Therefore, the security issue has become a major obstacle to its development. Increase safety performance, improve the intrinsic safety level of the machine, solve the problem of low degree of numerical control, frequent occurrence of personnel injury accidents, low safety level, and low production efficiency.

After the ordinary machine tool completes the transformation of the numerical control, it can greatly improve the machining efficiency and automation and intelligence of the machine tool. The possibility of operator's contact with dangerous parts is reduced; the operating system and operation interface are more and more in line with ergonomic requirements, which can effectively reduce the error rate of operators and reduce the accidents caused by mistakes. Huaxia Mould Network pointed out that after the transformation of the machine tool by CNC, the safety performance has been significantly improved and the accident rate has been significantly reduced, which will bring huge security benefits.

Reducing machine tool costs and improving machining efficiency Compared with the purchase of new machine tools, the transformation of ordinary machine tools in numerical control is particularly evident in large-scale and special machine tools. General large-scale machine tool transformation, only one-third of the cost of new machine purchase. While saving costs, the numerical control transformation can also save the corresponding energy consumption and pollution emissions due to all updates.

According to past experience in retrofitting, after the transformation of ordinary machine tools by CNC, the efficiency of the machine tool has been significantly improved. The original one machine tool needed a person to control, after transformation one worker can control two machine tools at the same time. At the same time, the machining accuracy of the machine tool has been greatly improved, and the scrap rate caused by human error has been significantly reduced. At the same time, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, labor is saved, trial production cycles and production cycles of new products are shortened, and huge economic benefits are brought to enterprises.

Judging from the mature experience abroad, remanufacturing is the most effective method for reusing CNC machine tools. The transformation of CNC machine tools is the combination of technological innovation and technological transformation, the transformation of traditional industries and the development of new industries, the combination of emphasis and overall improvement, and the promotion of safe production as a key task of technological transformation. In China, the remanufacturing sector can be described as just emerging and the market is huge.

Product Parameters
Hydraulic Motor Fan Bar Plate(plate-fin) Heat Exchanger Series

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Hydraulic system return line, lubrication system, variable pump drain line cooling.
Construction machinery (cranes, pumps, rotary drilling rig), ship metallurgical and mining machinery and other hydraulic circuit cooling.

Technical Parameters:

The displacement of the motor in the table is for reference only and can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions and requirements.
Motor in and out of the oil is bidirectional, the standard configuration for the suction type.
The maximum pressure of the outlet port: 120bar The maximum pressure of the drain: 2bar

The noise value is a value at a distance of 1 m.

Hydraulic Motor Fan Bar Plate(Plate-fin) Heat Exchanger

Hydraulic Motor Fan Heat Exchanger

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