Correct installation and maintenance of ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve

Correctly install and maintain the ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve is mainly used in boilers, pressure vessels and pipelines, the control pressure does not exceed the specified value, and plays an important role in personal safety and equipment operation. According to the safety valve disc opening height can be divided into micro-relief safety valve and full-open safety valve, micro-lift safety valve opening stroke height: ≤ 0.05d0 (minimum discharge throat diameter); full-open safety valve open Height is ≤0.25d0 (minimum discharge throat diameter). The pilot-operated safety valve is divided according to the structural form, which is divided into the vertical hammer type, the lever type, the spring type, and the pilot type (pulse type). According to the structure of the valve body, it can be divided into two types: closed type and non-closed type. Closed-type safety valves, ie excluded media, are not leaked and are discharged along the outlet to designated locations. They are generally used in aggressive and corrosive media. For air and steam safety valves, non-hermetic safety valves are often used.
For ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve product selection, it should be determined according to the actual sealing pressure. For spring-loaded safety valves, springs with several working pressure levels within a nominal pressure (PN) range, except when specifying the type, name, medium, and temperature of the safety valve when ordering, the sealing pressure of the valve body should be stated , otherwise supply according to the maximum sealing pressure.
Previous information: Pilot-type safety valve should comply with the following requirements in the installation of the next piece of information: Spring-loaded safety valve works 1. ASCO anti-explosion electromagnetic valve should have the device to prevent the hammer from moving by itself and the guide bar that restricts the derailment of the lever, spring type The safety valve shall have means for lifting the handle and preventing the adjustment screw from being easily turned.
2. ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve boilers with a rated evaporation greater than 0.5 t/h are equipped with at least two ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valves: a boiler with a rated evaporation of less than or equal to 0.5 t/h, and at least one safety valve. Separable economizer outlets and steam superheater outlets must be equipped with safety valves.
3.ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve should be vertically installed in the pot dealer, header location. Between the ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve and the drum or header, no outlet pipe and valve for access to steam shall be installed.
4. For boilers with a rated steam pressure less than or equal to 3.82 MPa, the throat diameter of the safety valve should not be less than 25 mm: For boilers with a rated steam pressure greater than 3.82 MPa, the throat diameter of the safety valve should not be less than 20 mm.
5.ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve should generally be equipped with exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe should be straight through the safe location, and have enough cross-sectional area to ensure that the exhaust flow. The bottom of the exhaust pipe of the safety valve should have a hydrophobic pipe that is connected to a safe place. Valves must not be installed on the exhaust pipe and the drain pipe.
6. ASCO explosion-proof electromagnetic valve and boiler connection pipe, its cross-sectional area should not be less than the safety valve inlet cross-sectional area. If several safety valves are jointly installed on a short pipe directly connected to the drum, the cross-sectional area of ​​the passage of the short pipe shall not be more than 1.25 times of the exhaust area of ​​all safety valves.
Under the normal operating pressure of the device, leakage beyond the allowable level occurs between the disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat. The reasons are: There is dirt between the valve flap and the sealing surface of the valve seat. Use a lifting wrench to open the valve a few times to flush away the dirt; the sealing surface is damaged. Should be based on the degree of damage, grinding or grinding after grinding method to repair; valve stem bending, tilting or deflection of the lever and fulcrum, so that the spool and valve disc misalignment. Should be reassembled or replaced; spring elasticity reduced or lost elasticity. Replace the spring and readjust the opening pressure.
2.ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve flap or vibration is mainly due to too high spring stiffness. Should use a spring with appropriate stiffness; improper adjustment of the adjustment ring will make the pressure in the seat back too high. The position of the adjusting ring should be readjusted; the discharge pipe resistance is too large, resulting in excessive discharge back pressure. The discharge pipe resistance should be reduced.
3.ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve does not open when the pressure is set. The reason for this situation is that constant pressure is not allowed. The amount of spring compression or the position of the weight should be readjusted; the valve flap sticks to the valve seat. The safety valve shall be manually deflated or drained periodically; the leverage of the lever-type safety valve is jammed or the hammer is moved. The weight position should be readjusted and the lever should move freely.
4. After the spring-loaded safety valve is discharged, the valve disc does not return to the seat. This is mainly caused by spring bending of the valve stem, improper installation position of the valve disc, or being stuck. Should be re-assembled.
5.ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve exhaust pressure continues to rise This is mainly because of the selection of ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve discharge capacity of small flat equipment, should be re-select the appropriate safety valve; stem middle line is not correct or spring rust, so that the valve The valve cannot be opened to the proper height. The valve stem should be reassembled or the spring must be replaced. The exhaust pipe should not be cut enough and an exhaust pipe that meets the safety discharge area should be used.

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