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Introduce the official name of the truck with crane: Onboard crane truck, which is widely used in municipal construction and coal mines.

Construction, landscaping and other infrastructure materials and other equipment for lifting and transportation. The crane can be operated from left to right, and can be rotated 360 degrees forward and backward, and it can also rotate in all directions. The main tonnages are 2 tons, 3.2 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, 6.3 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 16 tons, 18 tons, 20 tons and 25 tons. According to the structure, they can be divided into telescopic arms (straight Arm) and folding arm.
A truck with crane is a transport vehicle that is assembled with the truck crane and the chassis. It is composed of a boom, a turntable, a rack, and legs. The mechanical action of the crane is achieved through the action of mechanisms such as luffing, telescoping, turning, and hoisting, and the lifting operation is realized by a combination of different actions.

A famous brand , XCMG truck crane [1]
Second, stone coal truck crane
Third, China United Crane Crane
Fourth, Mudanjiang truck crane
V. Furukawa UNIC Cranes
Six, Changchun Shenjun with the car crane
VII. Guanglin Truck Crane
Eight, Changzhi Tsinghua truck mounted crane

Truck crane Truck crane sprinkler sprinkler (sprinkling truck with crane), also known as: watering lorry harness, it is to ensure the lorry crane truck and vehicle operation

Car harness sprinkler pictures

In terms of stability and safety, water tanks and power machines, as well as sprinklers and sprinklers, and other sprinkler functions are installed on the carriages, and an aerial work hopper can also be installed on the booms to provide water and cargo (hanging water tanks). After), self-loading unloading cargo, high-altitude operations and other functions, is an ideal multi-purpose product. Applicable to gardens, warehouses, docks, ships, railways and other industries, configuration basket can be used for high-altitude operations, can also install grippers, used to snatch all kinds of objects.

Notes for the operator 1. A good understanding of his own vehicle must be aware of his functions and limitations, as well as its special operating characteristics.
2, should be fully familiar with the contents of the operation manual of the lifting crane truck.
3, should be fully familiar with the truck crane truck lifting map. Must understand the meaning of all signs and warnings; be able to calculate or determine the actual lifting capacity of the on-board crane truck.
4, according to the requirements of the manufacturer, regular inspection and maintenance of truck lifting transport.
5, do a good job with the car lifting transport log, in the log records: all inspections, maintenance and maintenance of the lorry on the transport of a detailed record.
6, find the load, install the lock, and find out the specific location of the load. Although the operator is not responsible for determining the weight of the load, if he does not verify the weight with the supervisor, he is responsible for the lifting of the vehicle and all consequences.
7. Consider all factors that may affect the hoisting capacity of the truck, and adjust the hoisting weight accordingly.
8, know how to load the basic procedures for rigging, and ensure the implementation of specific operations.
9. Keep good communication with the signallers.
10, smooth and safe operation with the car lifting and transport.
11. When the truck is being lifted and transported and no one is operating, the work should be stopped and operated correctly. The composition and function of the truck crane are generally composed of the truck chassis, the truck crane parts, the cargo compartment, the power take-off device, and the crane.
The truck crane is a kind of equipment that can lift, rotate and hoist the cargo by hydraulic lifting and telescopic system, and is usually installed on a truck. Maintenance instructions Since the lorry crane is a special vehicle, the operator should receive guidance and training from the manufacturer, have a sufficient understanding of the structure and performance of the vehicle, and obtain a certain crane lifting operation and maintenance experience from the manufacturer to operate the machine. . The manufacturer provides the product maintenance manual for the truck crane. It is necessary information for the crane crane operator to operate the equipment. Before operating the machine, it is necessary to read the use and maintenance instructions of the truck crane and operate and maintain according to the requirements of the manual. Crane. Operators should pay attention to check the coolant, lubricating oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil and fuel oil (water) level and quality frequently, and pay attention to check the sealability of the vehicle. The requirements for using and maintaining the truck crane during the running-in period can be summarized as: lightening the load, strengthening lubrication, strengthening training, and checking. As long as the operators pay attention to and follow the manufacturer's requirements for maintenance and maintenance of the on-load crane running-in period, it will reduce the occurrence of early failure of the truck crane, prolong service life, improve operating efficiency, and make the truck crane bring you the most benefits. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubrication point of the truck crane should be strengthened. It is recommended that during the running-in period, special requirements for grease lubrication points should be applied to each shift.
Therefore, the components (especially the mating surface) are likely to wear within the running-in period of the on-board crane, and the wear speed is high. At this time, if it is overloaded, it may cause damage to parts and cause early failure of the truck crane.
Careful attention in the operation of the truck crane
1): Understand the size of the lifting goods, find the distance from the center of the cargo to the center of the crane column, and check the lifting capacity parameters of the crane according to the distance.
2): The lifting capacity (torque) of the crane is fixed and the working radius of the crane is larger. The lighter the goods that are hoisted, the smaller the working radius and the heavier the goods that are hoisted. (The working radius is the horizontal distance from the center of the moment to the hook.) -
3) Considering the lifting capacity of the crane and the bearing capacity of the chassis size, the larger the beam is, the better the crane is. The larger the crane is, the smaller the chassis is, and it will deform and break the girder. The chassis is small, and the power of the engine is small, affecting the lifting capacity of the crane. So when we consider the 230mm beam, we choose the crane below 3 tons. When considering the 250mm beam, consider the crane below 6 tons. The 280mm beam can select cranes up to 8 tons. Like the rear eight and four chassis can consider less than 10 tons of crane. - Analysis and elimination of common faults Analysis of the causes of the phenomenon
Truck crane does not work Pump does not work 1. The power lever is not pushed into place 2. The internal gear of the power take-off box is damaged 3. The drive sleeve between the output shaft of the power take-off box and the oil pump input shaft is damaged 4. The oil pump burns to death 1, push the power lever into position 2, overhaul the power box 3, replace the drive sleeve 4, replace the oil pump
Pump work but no pressure oil 1, tank oil is less than 2, the oil filter is blocked 1, add enough hydraulic oil 2 and clean the oil filter
Loss of lifting capacity, clearly failing to meet regulatory requirements Hydraulic system pressure is too low 1, the system leaks 2, the pressure of the overflow valve is adjusted too low 3, the volumetric efficiency of the oil pump is reduced 1. Check all the pipes and components and take measures to stop the leakage. 2. Check the relief valve setting pressure (The specified relief valve setting pressure is 14Mpa (2~3 tons of crane)/17.5Mpa (5~8 tons of crane) No over-regulation is allowed.) If the relief valve loses pressure regulation, check the relief valve and replace damaged parts. 3, Replace the oil pump.
Lever cylinder 1. The internal leakage is increased due to the damage of the inner ring of the cylinder, 2. The piston in the variable cylinder or the cylinder cylinder of the cylinder has been deformed, causing large internal leakage. 1, replace the damaged seal and piston 2, check the cylinder deformation
Retractable cylinder is weak Same as above Same as above
Winning power Winch plunger oil motor reduces volumetric efficiency Replace the oil motor
After the goods are lifted, they are naturally reduced (more than 2mm/min). It can be clearly seen that the variable piston rod is pulled out, the movable arm and the leg are significantly retracted, and the lifting hook is naturally declining. 1. Luffing cylinder, telescopic oil leaking cylinder, internal leakage of outrigger cylinder 2, failure of balance cylinder and telescopic oil cylinder balance valve 3, failure of bidirectional hydraulic lock on the outrigger 4, lower volumetric efficiency of hoisting motor, hoisting gearbox Internal friction brake disc damage 1. Refer to item 2 above for internal leakage treatment of cylinders, replacement or maintenance of balancing valve 3, replacement or repair of two-way hydraulic locks 4, replacement of friction

Status of development Status of foreign truck cranes Currently, there are dozens of models of truck cranes produced by dozens of companies in Sweden, Italy, Austria, Germany, the United States, Japan, and Canada, mainly in Europe. . Europe has been producing truck mounted cranes since the 40s and 50s of the 20th century. The main manufacturers are HIAB (Sweden), FASSI (Italy), FERRARI (Italy), PALFINGER (Palfinger, Austria), TIRRE (Germany), HEILA (Italy) ), etc.; Asian production truck crane manufacturers mainly include Kato (Japan), Tadano (Japan), and Furukawa UNIC (Japan); American production truck crane manufacturers mainly include GROVE. These are all world-famous companies that produce truck cranes. Each company has formed many functions.
The integrated product system of Yuanhua, variety serialization, electromechanical and hydraulic control, the maximum lifting capacity has exceeded 60t, the boom length has exceeded 30m, and the maximum lifting torque has exceeded 1000kNm. The development situation of domestic truck cranes started the production of truck mounted cranes in China. Later on, by the end of the 1970s, the variety of truck-mounted cranes produced in the country was still very simple, and the production scale was very small. By the 1980s, the variety and output of truck-mounted crane products showed an increasing trend. In recent years, the trucks were suspended. The growth of the total production and sales volume in the domestic market is even stronger. It can be seen from the statistics of the industry that the total market volume in 1999 was about 1,000 units. In 2000, the total market volume was about 1300 units. In 2001, the total market volume was about 1700 units. The total market is about 2,000 units. There are about 10 manufacturers of truck mounted cranes in China. Major companies include Xuzhou Truck Crane Company, Shijiazhuang Coal Mine Machinery Plant, Shanxi Changzhi Tsinghua Machinery Plant, Wuhan Automobile Crane Factory, and Hunan Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Plant. In addition, Taian Andong Yuegong Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Taian Crane Factory) and Taihe Furukawa UNIC Machinery Metal Co., Ltd. have jointly established Taian Furukawa Machinery Co., Ltd. in recent years; Changlin Co., Ltd. and Austria's PALFINGER Co., Ltd. will also start cooperating with the production of vehicles. Hanging. Xuzhou truck crane company was established in September 2001, and it produces SQ series telescopic boom type and folding arm type truck cranes on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced foreign technologies. It is also used by the Ministry of Aerospace for fixed-point production of national defense projects. Cars, radar cars and other products have been exported to Iraq and other countries. In the past two years, relying on technological innovation, it has achieved rapid development. In 2002, it developed nearly 20 new products. It has taken a leading position in China and has become a rising star in the truck crane industry in China.
The Shijiazhuang Coal Mine Machinery Plant is an earlier factory in China that produced straight arm winches and truck cranes. Shanxi Changzhi Tsinghua Machinery Plant is a direct subsidiary of the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It produced early arm-type cranes. After introducing the production technology of Swedish Hiab (HIAB) company, the plant produces folded-arm products, no lifting mechanism, and adopts a variable amplitude method to lift heavy objects, which has the style of European products. Wuhan Automobile Crane Factory is an early production truck crane manufacturer. Its products are straight-arm hoisting cranes, which are matched with Dongfeng, Liberation and Yellow River vehicles, and can be equipped with a 10t hydraulic winch at the end of the car chassis. It is particularly suitable for Electric industry rescue and construction needs. Established in 1950, Hunan Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Factory is a key enterprise in Hunan's machinery industry. It is the only production base for truck-mounted cranes in the country designated by the State Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission and the Ministry of Machinery Industry. The main products are lorry crane trucks, dump trucks, van trucks, transportation refuelling trucks, and after-loading compression garbage trucks.
As China's truck cranes started in the 1970s, it was relatively late and the pace of development was not fast. It was only in recent years that there was a large development. Compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap. Specifically in:
1. Low variety and low yield The truck-mounted cranes in China are in the early stage of development with fewer varieties. The small and medium tonnage duplications are relatively large, and a complete series of large, medium, and small has not yet been formed. The annual output is only equivalent to the production capacity of a foreign manufacturer.
2. Low lifting torque and low technical level The lifting of trucks in China is mainly based on straight arm winches. Due to the limitations of the domestic automobile chassis, the lifting torque is small, and other performance indicators are generally lower than foreign advanced products. At present, domestic companies rarely invest in the research and development of truck mounted cranes, and there is a gap in the technical level of hydraulic systems and control systems.
3. The safety device is not complete, the operation is inconvenient. China's truck cranes are only equipped with general safety devices such as lifting height limit and balance valve and overflow valve, all of which are manual operations. And foreign countries have long been widely used electronic technology to the crane, such as a torque limiter and anti-rollover protector with a microcomputer, and has achieved wired and wireless remote control.
4. Single-function truck cranes in China are mainly used for lifting operations and transportation functions, while foreign truck cranes are equipped with various attachments, and are mainly installed on the boom heads, such as work buckets, grab buckets, aerial work platforms, and various Grippers, fixtures, baskets, augers, plate forks, tire-mounted robots, pile pullers, etc., make the truck crane equipped with a multi-purpose function. In addition, some foreign manufacturers have further developed specialized products for railway cranes and other cranes.
5. The appearance is not beautiful The design of our truck crane is monotonous and neglects the coordination with the car's appearance. The coloring of the truck crane is very strict in foreign countries. It not only realizes the integration of the truck with the appearance and coloring, but also requires coordination with the urban landscape. With the appropriate.
The features of the cabin crane cab: semi-floating and rear suspension mechanical damping, hydraulic machinery overturning, air conditioning, channel instrument panel, configuration: D310 flat standard top with standard driving room.
Applicable working conditions: Dongfeng traditional area, iron powder, iron ore and other high-density cargo heavy load transport, suitable for mountain roads, construction roads and other poor road conditions.

How to properly use the rig to hang the oil is not only a prerequisite for safe driving, but also can reduce the wear of special automobile parts. The truck crane price must be treated differently according to different conditions. Oil departure is not only needed at the start. When the truck crane manufacturer drives a special vehicle for a manual transmission, a good oil clutch can not only allow the vehicle to steer steadily, allowing smooth power output, but also saves fuel and prolongs the service life of the clutch. This skill is often the least easy to grasp. The new driver often shows a situation where the engine is turned off when starting and the vehicle body is violently shaken when shifting. When driving a gear shift, the clutch can be easily damaged due to the looseness of the clutch. This not only destroys the vehicle, but also makes the driver feel uncomfortable. There are also some new drivers in the truck cranes who are unfamiliar with the clutch operation and develop the habit of stepping on the clutch pedal. This causes the clutch to be in a semi-clutch state for a long time, which accelerates the damage of the clutch.
The correct oil separation must be adjusted in conjunction with the speed of the vehicle. In the starting stage, position the gear in the neutral position and hang it up. After starting, step on the clutch pedal and hang the shift lever into the 1st gear. Slowly release the clutch and use the accelerator pedal to start the vehicle steadily. [2]

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