Cummins Westport Co., Ltd. announced the development of medium-sized natural gas engines

Cummins Westport Co., Ltd. in 2012, October 4 announced that it will develop ISB6.7G, 6.7 Sheng medium-sized natural gas engines, in order to meet the growing market demand for vehicles. These vehicles are low-cost, cleaner, and use rich natural gas as fuel.

The ISB6.7G natural gas engine to be developed will use the Cummins ISB 6.7 litre diesel engine as the main engine, using the Cummins Westport spark plug ignition (SI) stoichiometric cooling exhaust gas recirculation technology. The exhaust gas aftertreatment is a simple, maintenance-free cost of three. The meta catalyst achieves the use of compressed natural gas in the engine, but can be stored in the form of LNG and compressed natural gas. ISB 6.7G is expected to achieve production in 2015 and meet the emission standards of the EPA and the California Air Resources Board.

Jim Arthurs, president of Cummins Westport, said: “There are already 16,000 units of the 8.9-liter ISLG engine at West Port of Cummins. The 11.1-liter ISX12G engine will also start production in 2013. The development of the ISB 6.7G engine will further improve the product line of high-performance natural gas engines. For customers to choose natural gas engines for vehicles to provide a wider choice of space."

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