Dana intends to establish the 16th technology center in the United States

Parts supplier Dana Holdings has announced that the company has finalized its final plan to open its 16th technology center in Texas, USA.

The new center is scheduled to be located in Cedar Park, Texas and is expected to be operational in the spring of 2014. The center will accommodate 80 engineers and support staff in the future. After the property rental, investment, and job creation have reached certain requirements, the local economic development department will also provide Dana with 1.25 million U.S. dollars in financial subsidies.

“Our commitment to engineering makes Dana a leader in efficient power delivery and energy management solutions,” said George Constand, Dana’s chief technology and quality officer. “Our new technology center in Cedar Park will accelerate the Next Generation Festival. Development of oil transmission technology."

In September 2012, Dana received an exclusive license from Fallbrook Technologies to design and produce CVP Planetary Gears for the production of light vehicles and some off-highway gearboxes. The establishment of a technology center in Cedar Park is also aimed at achieving full cooperation with Fallbrook Technologies, a company headquartered nearby.

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