Differences between the structural performance of the roller crusher and the roller crusher

The roller surface of the toothed roller crusher has many teeth shape, while the roller crusher is relatively smooth. The difference in structural performance between the two is relatively large. Today, the global crusher network makes a clear comparison for everyone.

First, suitable for different materials

1. For crushing harder and abrasive materials, smooth roller can be used, because the crushing effect of the smooth roller on the material is mainly extrusion and grinding, which is more suitable for medium and fine crushing of medium and hard materials.

2. When the roller with the groove-shaped groove type breaks the material, in addition to the extrusion effect, it also has the shearing effect. It is suitable for the material with low strength brittleness or sticky humidity circle, the product granularity is uniform, the groove surface roller It can also help the material to be pulled into the crushing chamber. When it is necessary to obtain a larger crushing ratio, a grooved roller should generally be used. The crushing effect of the tooth surface roller on the material is mainly extrusion, smashing and shearing. Therefore, it is suitable for crushing soft or low hardness brittle materials such as coal , dry clay , shale, etc. with flaky joints. It is also relatively uniform, and both the grooved surface and the toothed surface roller are not suitable for crushing hard materials.

Second, the structural characteristics are different:

1, the machine tooth plate is made of a high wear resistance alloy material, greatly increasing the life of the crusher; the crusher on the basis of the original improved tooth height and pitch, greatly improving the The breakage of the discharge particle size. A material baffle has been added to the silo of the original crusher to solve the problem that the material is no longer evenly distributed on the tooth roll. The spindle of the machine adopts advanced quenching technology to improve the strength, rigidity and wear resistance of the spindle.

2. The roller crusher consists of two squeeze rollers that rotate in opposite directions, one is a fixed roller and the other is a movable roller. The material is fed from above the two rolls, and is continuously carried into the rolls by the pressing rolls. After being subjected to a high pressure of 50-200 MPa, it is discharged from the machine at a desired particle size. When the material is bitten by the roll surface, the force of the roller is gradually increased. In addition to containing a certain proportion of powdery material, a large amount of cracks are generated inside the other granular material, and the grinding energy can be greatly reduced in the further pulverization process. Consumption.

Introduction of Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors, also known as auger conveyor,Spiral Conveyor, are made for simple conveying duties applications. The real strength of our company, however, is our ability to produce individually designed units that include features to overcome awkward installations, materials that are difficult to handle, or include performance or process functions beyond simple conveying. Some requirements may be concerned with aspects of hygiene, others with bulk solids that have poor or delicate conveying properties.

Screw conveyor is divided in two types rigid screw conveyor and shaftless screw conveyor.

Rigid screw conveyor is suitable for non-sticky powder and small particle material such as cement, fly ash, lime, flour, starch, food additive etc.

Shaftless screw conveyor is suitable for sticky and easy winding materials such as sludge, biomass.

Features of screw conveyor

*Tube type and U shape type available

*It can be designed inclined conveying,horizontal conveying and vertical conveying.

*Widely used for all kinds of powder,particles,small block and loose material.

*not suitable for conveying perishable material,high viscosity,less pressure resistant material.

*not suitable for agglomerate or high temperature material.

*not suitable for great corrosive special material and fragile material.


Our machines have an automatic 12 months guarantee against faulty material and workmanship valid from the date of dispatch in China or date of arrival at foreign border.

If any problem of the machine under instruction within one year,we are responsible for replacement incuding delivery fee and maintenance.

Lifelong service is offered with cost charge after one year.

Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

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