DMG launches new composite machine tool

Recently, DMG launched the LASERTEC 210Shape, an innovative composite machining machine. SAUERLASERTEC follows the pace of the group company and has made significant progress in the field of laser texture processing. Laser texturing is a relatively new process that appeals to customers in tool and mold manufacturing. This technology, combined with its versatile 5-axis machining technology, is particularly suitable for machining complex 3D molds. Another highlight is that Gitmai will integrate surface laser texturing on the powerful DMU series CNC machining centers to perform milling and laser machining on the same machine.

“Laser texturing is an economical and practical processing technology, suitable for machining irregular surfaces and complex 3D dies, which can achieve the best processing results.” FriedemannLell, SAUERLASERTEC sales manager, summed up the advantages of this new texture processing technology, “ The automotive industry's trend is to replace leather textures with new technical textures. Likewise, PET bottle manufacturers have also put forward more complex requirements such as making 3D logos on bottles." For these two applications Laser texture processing is obviously a big step forward than traditional etching technology.

Laser texture processing provides product designers with more freedom on the one hand, and can reduce processing costs on the other. The sales manager also cited other advantages: “The laser texture process does not use chemicals. The laser head is the only tool that processes almost all metals, so the processing costs are low.”

DMG has long devoted itself to technology integration. Now, they have integrated laser texture processing technology in the DMU machining center. The laser head is mounted on the machine tool by the HSK tool holder (manual replacement time is less than 10 minutes), and the texture processing of the mold can be completed with one clamping. The new DMU160 machine is an entry-level machine for milling and laser cutting combined machining. Its sister models DMU210 and DMU340 are larger, higher-end products in this complete series. When talking about the target customer group, FriedemannLell stated that these compound machine tools are especially suitable for customers who cannot fully use laser cutting machines but really want to use milling and laser technology.


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