Do not misunderstand the "maintenance-free" traditional maintenance can abandon?

With the upgrading of truck technology, the reliability of its entire vehicle parts is also increasing. Even some spare parts on the truck are also put on the "maintenance free" name.

别误解了'免维护' 传统保养岂能抛弃?

Maybe someone asks whether maintenance is equal to no maintenance? Of course not, many people still suffered a lot from this.

● misunderstood the maintenance-free hazards


Especially in the southwestern region, special geographical environment conditions require particularly high reliability of the entire vehicle. At one time, at the Iasi high speed, the bearing and wheel-end temperatures of a 51-kilometre-long downhill truck were temporarily measured. Even when the shower was turned on, the measured temperature was as high as 120 degrees Celsius.


In this unavoidable extreme road environment, even if it is a maintenance-free axle, we can't say no pressure.

● old tone repetitive maintenance or to maintain


In fact, many people have misunderstood the understanding of maintenance-free axles. Maintenance-free is not really maintenance-free. So, what is the difference between maintenance-free and ordinary wheel maintenance?


Traditional wheel

Traditional wheel maintenance: Routine inspection of the wheel bearings and timely replacement of new grease.


Maintenance-free wheel end

Maintenance-free wheel end: In the oil lubrication system, the hub cap and the oil seal (inside) form a gear oil storage space. The bearing is immersed in the gear oil to obtain the best lubrication effect, the bearing temperature will be greatly reduced, and the maintenance cycle will be more than one year. Specially designed oil seals have a compensating function. Normal wear of the seal will cause leaks in the seal lip of the oil seal. The integral oil seal will always ensure the internal seal lip angle and will not leak.


At present, there are two kinds of common maintenance-free axles. One is an axle that can always observe the amount of bearing oil, and the other is an axle that needs to be regularly filled with lubricating oil. Now it is mostly used on the Tianlong sailing version.


In general, both ordinary axles and maintenance-free axles require maintenance. However, maintenance-free axles that are lubricated with oil are relatively long-term maintenance cycles. Regular maintenance can be performed according to the instructions.

● Postscript:

Judging from the current products on the market, whether it is maintenance-free axles or maintenance-free batteries, it is not really maintenance-free. Only maintenance-free parts and components have a longer maintenance cycle and higher reliability than traditional products. During daily driving, you must not neglect the inspection and maintenance of these so-called “maintenance-free” products.

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