Double Star tires called "Canton Fair"

At the 99th Canton Fair held in the near future, Twinstar Tire has obtained overseas orders in succession with its good brand recognition.

Affected by the price hikes of raw materials and anti-dumping activities overseas, this year's enterprises participating in the exhibition are obviously less than those in previous years, but Twinstar Tire still strives to create an image of a well-known brand of Chinese national enterprises. At the Canton Fair, Double Star brought new product samples of all-steel and semi-steel radial tires that represent the highest technological development level of Double Star Tire, and played the slogan of dual-star tires for “export, special purpose, and high-grade” development, which caused domestic and foreign participation. The merchants pay great attention and have a keen interest.

In this session of the Canton Fair, the employees of Double Star received a total of more than 400 new and old customers at home and abroad and developed new customers in such markets as Tanzania, Chile, and Venezuela.

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