E-commerce promotes the mature development of instrumentation industry

E-commerce promotes the mature development of instrumentation industry In 2012, it can be said that the global economic environment has continued to walk in the “weak” stage. However, in such a large environment, China's instrumentation industry has opened up a domestic market to launch domestic demand, and has opened up a new road of development in the manufacturing industry, becoming a "unique" high-speed development industry.

According to statistics, from January to September of 2012, the total industrial output value of the instrumentation industry in the country totaled 486.76 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.29%, and the sales value reached 737.783 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.24%.

From January to September, the industrial output value of the 19 sub-industries subordinate to the instrumentation industry had a large difference in the growth rate of industrial sales. Among them, the growth rate of production and sales of instruments for geological exploration and special instruments for earthquakes, and instruments and meters for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery production exceeds 30%, and there are about 5,500 companies in the industry, such as the number of Brilliance-related technologies.

These transcripts relying solely on traditional marketing are far from attainable. It is precisely because the instrumentation industry has made rapid progress in the manufacturing sector by catching up with the Internet marketing express train.

Internet e-commerce helps enterprises quickly break through technological bottlenecks and achieve technological innovation and upgrades. Utilize this new e-commerce trading tool to broaden the company’s current sales channels, improve the business environment, optimize and activate the entire industry chain, actively integrate into the Internet trading model, use the Internet, and use e-commerce to make the business bigger In the e-commerce industry, the instrumentation industry did enjoy the sweetness.

Instruments and meters are modern high-tech industries. Developed countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of the instrumentation industry. All developed countries regard instrumentation as their priority development industry. With the development of modern industry, modern instrumentation, especially intelligent instrumentation and systems, have become the transformation of traditional industries, increase production efficiency, reduce production costs, comprehensive utilization of raw materials, extend the life of production devices, ensure product quality, achieve environmental protection, and ensure The necessary tools for safe operation, saving energy, reducing consumption, realizing information management, and optimizing control strategies play an important role in promoting industrial modernization and raising the overall level of the national economy.

China's instrumentation industry is a high-speed and steady development industry. Thanks to the country's attention and support, China's instrumentation and measurement control has made gratifying achievements in recent years, and has achieved great development. Today, with the increasingly fierce competition in the advertising competition within the comprehensive platform and search engine rankings, some instrumentation companies are turning to more professional industry websites, namely vertical industry websites of the instrumentation industry.

From the perspective of the entire instrumentation industry, coupled with the arrival of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, China's instrumentation industry will also enter a period of rapid development. China's instrumentation industry through the extensive use of online marketing, especially e-commerce, or let the development of this most traditional industry eventually found a cure. It is believed that in the near future, traditional small and medium-sized enterprises such as Barrison in the instrumentation industry will be more influential in online marketing and even exploiting the e-commerce market. It is also believed that Internet marketing will gradually mature in the instrumentation industry and even in China as a whole.

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