Electronic scale operating procedures

1. All products purchased and sold by the mine production site must be measured by the electronic scale of the measuring room.
2. Vehicles that need to be inspected by the metering staff must be carefully inspected and inquired to prevent over-loading or over-long vehicles from being metered.
3. The measurement staff must be responsible for the materials or products that need to be inspected, and the information on the documents is comprehensive and the data is accurate.
4. Measurement staff must seek truth from facts, and it is forbidden to falsify or falsify data and documents.
5. All the check-in scales must be signed by the staff on duty to be valid documents.

Depending on various design, the oil-Gas Filter is composed of different layers. The first layer is typically coalescence layer, which is made of borosilicate glass fibers with a certain thickness and porosity, multilevel submicron glass fiber ensures at higher temperature to capture the tiny droplets of different lubricants efficiently. The second layer is separation layer, the large coalesced oil droplets go to bottom groove by separating layer.

                                                         compressor filter

If pre-separation of the oil filtration barrel is poor, the pre-Separation Filter layer is added to the outermost layer to prevent the coalescence layer overload and prolong life.

According to the requirements of the chemical industry and commerce association, the metal parts with oil and gas separation filter of the compressor has conductive connection, in order to reliably conducting static load. The appropriate sealing gaskets are selected ensuring a conductive connection to the compressor body.

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Compressor Filter

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