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According to the observation of everyone, many owners will hesitate between turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines when choosing a car. The reason is that, besides price factors, many owners will find turbocharged models harder to maintain. . This is not the case. After reading the following article prepared by Ren Xiaobian to the audience's lord, you will understand.


1, the turbocharged models of gasoline requirements

The number of vehicles marked with gasoline is mainly determined by the compression ratio of the engine. The higher the compression ratio, the higher the required antiknock level, and the higher the number of fuels to be used. The owner can look through the owner's manual to see the gasoline number that the car needs to add. It is not that the higher the number, the better. Many turbocharged car manufacturers are also advised to add 92 gasoline. The Renren vehicle once again prompts the owner not to make his own claim. According to the manual, he is surely correct.

2, turbocharged models of oil requirements

In the same way as the gasoline label, turbocharged models must also follow the manufacturer's instructions when adding oil. However, everyone has to admit that compared with natural inspiration, turbocharger does have some "queer", in the engine design between the turbine and the engine should be full of oil, so if the lubrication is not good, will Engine maintenance poses some hazards.

3, turbocharged car requirements for starting

Many owners think that for turbocharged models, the hot cars should be started again because they think that the turbocharged engine is cooled by oil. When the vehicle is just starting up, the temperature of the engine oil is not enough, which may cause damage to the engine. However, many technicians have denied this claim and pointed out that idling hot cars will only increase exhaust emissions and increase carbon deposition, which will not benefit the maintenance of vehicle turbines.


4. Requirements for parking for turbocharged models

Many car owners may have heard the old driver say that after a long drive, a turbocharged vehicle can't turn off immediately, and it takes 3-5 minutes to extinguish it. Is this correct?

Some models do, especially for some of the earlier turbocharged models, the way to reduce the water temperature is to cool the mechanical water pump. After the flameout, the mechanical water pump will not work, so it takes 3-5 minutes to cool the car. . But now, most models have used electronic water pumps to cool down. After the flame is turned off, there is still electricity in the battery to cool it down. In addition, there are many ways to cool down the turbine during the driving process, so everyone recommends that you don't have to stop at first.

5. Turbocharged models help with acceleration

Some owners feel that turbocharging is only useful for running high speeds, but this is not the case. For all turbocharged models, the tuning will not be exactly the same, but the turbine has an intervening speed range. For example, some vehicles have a turbine that intervenes at about 2000 rpm, and the lowest one has 1100 rpm. Therefore, everyone wants to tell everyone that even in a congested road, turbocharging will bring some help to acceleration.

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