Farmers say goodbye to traditional crop models, wisdom agriculture is huge

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Through the mobile phone, real-time monitoring and automatic irrigation of temperature and humidity in greenhouses can be carried out; fertilization time and fertilizer dosage can also be realized by agricultural Internet of Things technology, data, and energy consumption. These are the credits of “smart agriculture”, which was concentrated in the Agricultural High-Level Conference, allowing farmers to bid farewell to the traditional crop model that relies on the heavens.
Farmers say goodbye to traditional crop models, wisdom agriculture is huge
Smart cloud platform allows fingertips to manipulate agriculture
In front of the booth of an Internet of Things company in Shanghai, an agricultural cloud platform displays data on crop growth environment corresponding to each sensor in the greenhouse, including light, greenhouse temperature, greenhouse humidity, soil temperature, and soil moisture. Through the sensor, farmers can “communicate” with crops, and they can get data without remotely monitoring the crop growth status and environmental status.
For large-scale growers, manual management alone requires a lot of manpower, is time consuming, and has inevitable manual errors. After using the agricultural cloud platform, you only need a mobile phone and an administrator to monitor the information of large-scale campuses 24 hours a day. Even if the data detected by the sensor deviates from the preset value, the system will automatically issue a command to operate the fan, sunshade, humidification, watering and other equipment connected to the intelligent start system.
The person in charge of the company said that the intelligent cloud platform not only greatly reduced labor costs, but also saved water and fertilizer, and increased crop production efficiency by more than 30% and increased production.
Smart robots add momentum to agriculture
In the C Museum of the Agricultural High School, a small picking machine attracted many people to watch. In the operation, the picking robot slowly approaches the branch of the kiwifruit, and the fruit is subjected to non-destructive picking using the "finger" before and after. This project is mainly applied to the clustered kiwi fruit in the scaffolding mode. “The machine vision recognizes the position information of a cluster of fruits and determines the picking order. The robotic arm completes the coordinate transformation and is not damaged by the end effector.” Cui Yongjie, the team leader said .
As the kiwifruit native place and Jiayousheng area, Shaanxi is a large province of kiwifruit cultivation. How to make up for the high cost of manual picking and labor intensity, this is the vice professor of Cui Yongjie of Northwest A&F University and nearly 30 teachers and students of his team have been thinking about it. problem. They spent four years developing the kiwi picking robot, which provides technical support for the scale, standardization and automation of the kiwifruit industry.
The picking robot picking speed is 18 seconds per piece, and it is currently not meeting the market demand. Cui Yongjie pointed to the running machine and said, "We are going to cooperate with a company that develops a robotic arm in the United States. If there are four robotic arms in this robot, then the efficiency can be recognized by the market." They expect future pollination Mechanization can also be achieved by grading, and the whole process is intelligent.

(Original title: Agricultural High School: fingertips control agricultural wisdom to create a better future)

Aluminum Briquetting Press

The trends of the Aluminum chips briquetting recycling industry

The aluminum industry actively supports the Recycling Partnership, which is a program dedicated to increasing participation in curbside recycling programs and measuring this growth using solid data. Within the industry, building and automotive parts are collected for recycling.

Aluminum chips recycling can benefit from briquetting. Briquetters compacts metal chips and swarf into near solids cylindrical briquettes that can be efficiently remelted increasing the value of your scrap.

What is the role of a metal briquetting press in Aluminum chips recycling?

Aluminium Briquetting Machines increase the value of aluminum chips, loose turnings and swarf by compressing them into near solid, dry briquettes for scrap metal recycling to send to the recycler or feed to the furnace.
The Aluminum Briquetting Press makes your metal recycling more efficient and profitable.
Application Material Metal Briquetting Press 1

How to choose a suitable metal briquetting press?
The Y83 series metal briquetting press is used to pressing various metal shavings into high-density metal briquettes, which can press various metal shaving materials such as steel shavings, aluminium shavings, copper shavings, cast-iron shavings, bronze shavings and so on.
With high-density compression, compact and strong. Low energy consumption but fast production rate.

The Y83 series hydraulic briquetting press is divided into Y83 conventional structure, Y83L pre-pressing structure, Y83W horizontal structure, YW1 and YW2 horizontal structure.

Y83-Vertical Metal Briquetting Press (Conventional structure)Y83 Metal Briquetting Press Machine

Y83L-Vertical Metal Briquetting Press (Pre-pressing structure)Y83l Metal Briquetting Press Machine

Y83W-Horizontal Metal Briquetting Press (Horizontal structure)

Y83w Metal Briquetting Press Machine

YW1-Horizontal Metal Briquetting Press (Horizontal structure)

Yw1 Metal Briquetting Press Machine

YW2-Horizontal Metal Briquetting Press (Horizontal structure)

Yv2 Metal Briquetting Press Machine

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