Five causes of engine wear

Corrosive wear fuel produces many harmful substances when burned in the engine's combustion chamber. Generally, when it burns every 100 gallons of gasoline, it will produce 1-5 pounds of nitrogen and sulfuric acid. These substances not only cause corrosion to the cylinder, but also pass through three piston rings. (Top, middle, and bottom rings) In the engine, metal corrosion occurs on the main components of the engine, such as the camshaft crankshaft. This corrosion cannot be eliminated by using the lubricating oil alone.

After the rust wear engine stops, it cools from a high temperature to a low temperature, and this temperature change process causes the interior of the engine to condense water and collect water. This can cause serious metal corrosion to the engine, especially when the engine is started again for a short distance. When the engine temperature is too late to evaporate water vapor, the situation is even worse. This is also the oil can not be solved.

Strong wear caused by dust When the engine needs to inhale air, even the best air filter device can hardly prevent dust from being drawn into the engine with air. As the dust is inhaled and causes strong wear, this wear is not completely eliminated by the lubricating oil. Especially in areas where there is little drought and heavy winds in China, this kind of strong wear is even more pronounced.

Cold Start Dry Friction Research by GM showed that when the car's engine stalled for four hours, all the oil on the friction interface would flow back into the oil tank. When starting the engine at this time, because the oil pump is not enough time to hit the lubrication oil to each lubrication location, dry friction that is lost due to periodic lubrication will be generated in a short time, resulting in severe abnormal wear of the engine. This strong wear is simply not solved by lubricating oil. (Another relevant data study pointed out that this strong wear accounts for more than 70% of the total engine wear)

Normal Wear Wear caused by normal engine operation. After clarifying the causes of engine wear, the role of lubricating oil in reducing engine wear is also clear. At the same time, it is also clear that the use of anti-wear protection products to extend engine life and maintain the importance of the engine.

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Syringe Production Line

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