Foton Daimler: Creating World-Quality Products

As an old friend of the China International Truck Fuel Contest, Foton Daimler Motors will continue to bring several models to the competition this year. It is worth mentioning that, while participating in the traditional diesel group evaluation, Foton also actively participated in the fuel-saving evaluation of LNG models, the new group of fuel-saving contest.

On September 22, the oil-saving competition officially entered Beijing and opened the LNG group competition. The appearance of Auman LNG heavy trucks won the attention of on-site assessment personnel. The appearance and reasonable layout of the atmosphere all reflect the high-end quality of Auman LNG heavy trucks.

Economical and safe

In recent years, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and controlling PM2.5 have been elevated to an unprecedented level by the country. The emergence of LNG models has, to a certain extent, eased the contradiction between deterioration of air quality and rising operating costs of transport companies, and has become the new darling of the heavy truck market. Auman LNG heavy trucks is the opportunity to market at this time, becoming the mainstream product of the domestic LNG heavy truck market.

It is understood that Auman LNG heavy trucks are jointly developed by Futian Daimler Automotive and CIMC St. Dean, Furui equipment and other companies to carry out chain-innovation, tailored for natural gas transport users tailored heavy truck products, with economy Strong, high reliability features.

“The high quality of Auman LNG heavy trucks is also reflected in many aspects. First of all, this product uses high-strength materials to reduce the body weight while improving the carrying capacity of the chassis, so that the vehicle has increased the rated load capacity. This competition 6× 2 The weight of the two-tank tractor is only 8.31 tons, in addition, the model adopts European technology to green match the power system, so that the engine, transmission, and drive axle achieve a perfect matching effect.At present, Auman LNG heavy trucks can save fuel than diesel and other fuels. About 30% to 40%, said the person in charge of Auman Heavy Trucks.

However, as we all know, compared with traditional diesel vehicles, LNG heavy trucks cost more than 80,000 to 100,000 yuan to purchase cars, which is also the main reason for users to discourage LNG heavy trucks. In this respect, the head of Auman expressed no concern. "Although the price of LNG heavy trucks is relatively high, our products will recover the cost differentials for trucks after operating for one year, and will earn 80,000 to 100,000 yuan more profit per year than diesel heavy trucks. This is to attract users to choose LNG heavy trucks. The reason for this is that, in addition, the product has a higher residual value, and the secondary sales are higher than the average level in the industry, and the ability to preserve value is stronger.” The responsible person pointed out.

For many people who have not driven LNG models, once they hear a natural gas vehicle, they will criticize their lack of motivation and poor safety. In fact, current Auman LNG heavy trucks have matured in terms of power, safety, reliability, economy, and environmental protection. The Auman person in charge said: “In terms of engines, we use a low-speed, high-torque Weichai engine with the same power and torque as a diesel engine. At the same time, we carry an Auman LNG heavy-duty truck with 500 liters by 2 double cans, and we can continue to drive 800-1000. Kilometers, strong endurance, more reliable for long-distance transportation users, in addition, the gas tank is produced by leading domestic companies, and through rigorous experiments such as falling, fire, and vibration at a height of 10 meters, the anti-knocking performance is good and the safety performance is guaranteed. The overall improvement of product design technology and reliability matching will make the vehicle more reliable and have a higher attendance rate. In the future, it will allow users to make more money."

At present, Auman LNG heavy trucks have been widely used in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, and Jiangsu, and have been praised and favored by users. In 2012, Foton Daimler sold more than 600 Auman LNG heavy trucks. In the first quarter of this year, the company had sold more than 500 Auman LNG heavy trucks. "Using the user, the market and the actual operational results prove that Auman Heavy Duty Trucks has reached the standards of high-end heavy trucks in terms of safety, reliability and economy," said Auman.

5T service escort

Auman not only pursues excellence in economy and reliability, but also actively pursues market leadership in the service system. Today, Auman provides users with more time-saving, cost-saving, and more worry-free exclusive 5T service standards. With the support of this service system, users enjoy the entire process, full cycle, and full-scale service from car purchase to car use. , Fully unified and fully satisfied with world-class service standards.

"At present, in the field of LNG heavy trucks, we are making every effort to build after-sales service upgrades and promote the landing of 5T services." Auman told reporters that the company now launched the company to save more than 2,000 yuan for the user's "first insurance free", each year for the user Save more than 10,000 yuan "3-year unlimited mileage warranty" and other policies. In addition, Auman also provides customized services such as green channels, pre-sale inspections, car purchase consultants, and train delivery training, reflecting the value-for-money "European service standards."

It is understood that in order to highlight individualized services, Foton Daimler Automotive has hired experts and engineers from key auto parts companies as lecturers, and trained 25 dealers' LNG vehicle sales managers. The training subjects include the working principle of the gas engine, daily maintenance use techniques and usage methods, cylinder structure and principles, etc. “The purpose of training maintenance personnel is to let them master the methods of repair and maintenance of LNG vehicles in the shortest possible time so as to better serve the users,” said the head of the Auman service station.

In addition, Auman has also launched a time-limited service commitment to minimize the loss of users due to maintenance. “The heavy truck products have a long service time and the parts supply is not timely, affecting the attendance rate of the vehicles and causing economic losses to users. In response to this phenomenon, we have proposed a new concept of 'limited time maintenance, active compensation' for product services. The person in charge said: "At present, we have Asia's largest heavy truck customer call service center, which provides round-the-clock 24-hour call service. Auman users call the call center anywhere in the country, and maintenance personnel will arrive within two hours of maintenance." At the scene, and promised to repair the vehicle within 24 hours.If there are no related accessories, the service station will disassemble the corresponding parts from the new car for repair and use.If the repair work can not be completed within 24 hours, the user will be compensated for 200 yuan per one day's delay. Reduced user losses. This standard is also the industry's first."

Even the best service policy is empty talk if it is not put into action. In terms of execution, Auman has done a great job. In the "Heavy Card Rescue Competition" organized by "Commercial Automotive News", Auman's after-sales service team was the first to arrive on the scene, demonstrating the high efficiency of the service.

In addition, Ouman has invested more than 300 million yuan in accessories nationwide and is monitoring the market's terminal inventory data. “We have established an accessory supply system consisting of service providers, agent libraries, general storehouses, Auman factories and suppliers. We have implemented a component supply process in a professional security model, shortened the emergency response cycle for accessories, and increased The quality of the service of the accident vehicle, the company put forward the new concept of 'safeguarding internal and external security.' Under the premise of guaranteeing the genuine quality of foreign-protected accessories, the timeliness of the supply of external spare parts will be improved, and the service standards within the warranty will meet the requirements of foreign-owned vehicles. Accessories requirements, said the person in charge.

At present, Auman has been fully integrated with core suppliers and now has more than 3,400 service stations and more than 2,000 accessory stores. In addition, Foton Daimler Motors has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of energy companies to ensure the user's air supply and enjoy the best policy of refueling.

Test product through competition

The reporter learned that the main purpose of the Foton Daimler competition is to test the product. Auman said: "In order to demonstrate the new technology and high performance of Auman LNG heavy truck products, we decided to participate in this event. Through this authoritative event, we can further inspect the quality of our products, using authentic and credible data. Prove to the user the outstanding advantages of Auman. In addition, environmental protection has always been the concept we promote. We will show the best performance.”

In addition, Foton Daimler also fully prepared for this competition. “After receiving the notice of the competition, we actively cooperated with the organizing committee of the event and learned that the LNG team tested in Beijing. We specifically dispatched vehicles from the manufacturers to the testing sites. Before the vehicles were fully maintained and inspected, we ensured that the vehicles were in good condition. The head of Auman said.

During the competition, the vehicles of Foton Daimler performed well and successfully completed the entire testing process. Experts at the scene said after the test: "The car's power is outstanding, it will become the most effective helper for users."

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