Foton Weichai Jointly Expands Commercial Vehicle Market

The reporter recently learned that China Foton Motor Co., Ltd. and Weichai Power Co., Ltd., Germany BOSCH Co., Ltd. and Austria AVL Co., Ltd. have signed a cooperation agreement. This innovative style of collaboration has surprised the industry. Analysts pointed out that Foton Motor, Weichai Power, BOSCH, and AVL will jointly develop and design leading international automotive power products based on the development direction of the international power system. After the Quartet has concluded a strategic alliance, the Quartet companies will intensify their cooperation, and prioritize the use of mutual products and technologies without violating the binding contracts concluded by each party, and try to give the other party the greatest preferential policies.

General Manager of Foton Motor Wang Jinyu said in an interview with reporters that Foton and Weichai, BOSCH and AVL have entered into a strategic alliance. Futian’s goal is to become the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Asia and even in the world, and Weichai’s goal is to become the largest in Asia. Independent engine supplier. Strong and united hand in hand to the international market, it is easier to cast international brands. Nanjing Daily reporter Liu Xiaoyi
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