FRC Series AC/DC Digital High-Voltage Meter High Input Impedance

The FRC series AC-DC digital high-voltage meter is connected to the high-voltage measuring terminal through the instrument line, which can achieve long-distance clear readings and is safe and convenient to use. The series AC-DC digital high-voltage meter has high input impedance and good linearity. Special shielding technology is adopted to reduce the influence of high voltage on the indication value, thereby achieving high stability and high linearity.
FRC Series AC and DC Digital High Voltage Meter Usage:
1. Ground the high voltage meter ground.
2. Connect the high voltage wire above the pressure equalizing ball and tighten the high voltage wire with a wire screw.
3. The GF1006-300 AC/DC voltage divider/factory direct FRC digital voltage divider inserts the input of the meter base into the digital high-voltage meter measuring terminal. When the DC is measured, the toggle switch will be switched to the “DC” position. When measuring the AC, The toggle switch switches to the "AC" position.
4. Select “LOW” when the measured voltage is less than 20kV, and select “HIGH” when it exceeds 20kV to obtain a more accurate test value.
5. Turn on the “Power” switch and select the appropriate gear. At this time, “000.0” or “00.00” will be displayed on the digital high-voltage meter. At this point, the measurement can be started.
6. After the test is completed, cut off the high voltage and wait until the AC/DC digital high-voltage meter reads “000.0” or “00.00” before entering the site (When the AC test is performed, the meter will slowly return to zero, but the high-voltage power supply has no electricity, so In this case please pay attention to the difference between AC and DC test).
7. When measuring DC, if there is a filter capacitor, it should be fully discharged to the filter capacitor, so that the reading indicated by the digital high-voltage meter is “000.0” before relevant operations can be performed.
8. In the use and maintenance, should pay attention to the digital high-pressure meter surface cleaning, to prevent contamination, this instrument should be placed in a dry place, safekeeping.


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