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My vacation:
In the 11th week of the 11th year, September 26-30 is from Monday to Friday. The 5th day is exactly the time when my annual leave expires. If not, I will waste it; plus Saturday (24th and 25th) Two days, and seven days of the eleventh, you can continue for 14 days. Well, it is so decided to use this time to go for a walk.
Reminder: If you plan to be strong, you should plan your travel plans 2 months earlier.
Travel plan:
Traveling abroad is my first plan. If the visa is not going well, the backup plan is to go to Tibet.
Visa preparation:
1. On June 8th, three trips were designed. Germany, France and Italy for 11 days, Germany and Italy for 12 days, and Germany and Austria for 12 days. In these three trips, Germany had the longest stay, so it decided to apply for a Schengen visa in Germany. (Other considerations: German-French Schengen visas are relatively easy, Germans are more rigorous, and the required materials are reasonable)
2, in the later preparation for the Schengen visa, the decision to Germany and Italy 12 days of travel, this trip is only a city in Venice, Italy, 2 days, other time all in depth travel in Germany. Do not want to fly, do not want to be in any tourist resort, this trip is a stroll in the German country town, should be a quiet itinerary. Come back and add thank you.
3. The official website of the German Embassy downloads the list of materials for the Schengen Tourist Visa Requirements. The official website of the German Embassy is http://Vertretung/peking/en/Startseite.html. The list of visa preparation materials is as follows (June 15th, 11th, please Always pay attention to whether to update);
4, according to the visa material requirements, at the same time start the design journey;
A. The most expensive experience was in designing the itinerary. As my route was going through 27 German towns, it was adjusted many times and it took several nights to get the itinerary needed for visas.
B. Another material that depressed me is that social security payment bills do not know where to go. To find companies such as human resources, social security centers and other institutions, there is no place to make up for social security payment bills, and I have to print at social security centers. The social security payment certificate was inconsistent with the format of the statement, and it was worried that the German Embassy visa office did not recognize it. (The Social Security Center requires the original company letter of introduction to print the social security payment certificate)
C. Other materials were prepared as required without any problems;
Ticket reservations are available, no ticket is required;
The hotel will book a free cancellation hotel on the booking website and print the reservation.
The tax office near the company where the personal income tax payment certificate is found, with a copy of the ID card and ID card, is printed without charge;
If the above materials are not marked in English, they can be used in Chinese and no translations are required.
D. Face-to-face appointment time, the German embassy official website reservations, generally can make an appointment to 2-3 weeks later, due to worry that the material can not be prepared, when the preparation of materials 80%, before the online booking (July 19 morning At 10 o'clock, the previously seen July 14 appointment was full.
Preparation of visa materials is more energy-intensive and requires patience and carefulness. It was originally thought that it would be difficult to find visas for travel agencies to handle all kinds of materials one by one.
Face check experience:
On July 19th, we made an appointment at 10:00, and we arrived at the entrance of the embassy at 9:00. The embassy first put in 9 o'clock appointments. I waited until about 9:20 am I went to the visa office of the embassy. I was also worried that a problem was not allowed on the mobile phone. Online tips, but in fact is a security check, you can bring in, do not have to shut down, change the mute; Germany, embassy in Beijing, 1-7 window for processing, waiting in line for nearly 1 hour; called to the 8th window, long-term visa The handling window, because no one is handling it, is a young girl. Because the materials are well prepared and I don’t ask specific questions, I’m very concerned about my job responsibilities and asked whether one of the boarding points is Stuttgart. Never hesitate to say no, Frankfurt; Visa through, 560 yuan to pay, express 32 yuan in the city (postal black enough); German is rigorous, visa duration did not give more than one day, strictly according to the itinerary September 25 to October 6 day.
Ticket ticketing:
On July 21, I received a visa and began to select flights and prices. I don't like the long transit time. On July 22nd, I finally selected Lufthansa to issue tickets, which amounted to 9,400 Dae. Well, you should still get a visa in advance. It will be cheaper.
Sixth, cancel some of the hotel reservations:
Cancelled part of the booked hotel on July 21 and selected cheaper hotels;
Seven, by car: car rental booking
1. At the time of preparing visa materials, some information on car rental companies, hertz, avis, sixt, etc., had been initially read. After obtaining a visa, the price and model were carefully compared again. Hertz website was found to be unavailable in English. Telephone consultation was made. Hertz China customer service and offer, personally think that slightly higher; avis actually according to different nationalities offer different, the United States actually nearly 40% cheaper than the Chinese, strong contempt, and then I do not use his home cheaper (personal point of view); finally determine sixt BMW X1, subtotal 555 Euro, 11.5 days;
2. Learn other landlords' self-driver strategy, listen to friends' suggestions, purchase a navigation device in the country, and install the European map. (Cause: I haven't reached level 4 in English, German doesn't understand it, local navigation is all in English); navigator Many brands do not recommend themselves, do not advertise, hey.
3. Printed a road map on the Google Maps website in case of need.

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