Guangzhou Mechanical Research Institute's new cold chamber die casting machine officially delivered

The new CCM130 and CCM180 cold chamber die-casting machines newly developed by Zhengao Company of Guangzhou Institute of Mechanical Science have completed assembly and commissioning and officially delivered to customers. The launch of these two new cold chamber die casting machines has increased the number of cold chamber die casting machines developed by the institute to four varieties, forming a series of cold room machine products, and has become a new selling point for the sales of die casting machines of the company.
In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's automobile industry, the market urgently needs to press the cold chamber die casting machine of aluminum castings to meet the expanding market demand. Under this situation, Zhengao Company accelerated the development of cold chamber die casting machines while stabilizing the market of hot chamber machines. It is reported that the two models are small tonnage models, not only equipped with patented rapid melting furnace, but also for the first time using imported special computer and PQ valve energy-saving proportional oil circuit to achieve digital control and improve operational performance. In addition, these two models are also optimized for critical structures, reducing machine shock and vibration, and improving the stability and productivity of the die casting machine. Among them, the CCM130 cold room machine also fills the gap of the domestic 130-ton cold chamber die-casting machine.

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