·Guangzhou will study meter ladder charges next year

The number of motor vehicles in Guangzhou is 2.51 million, the number of registered parking lots in the city is 3,829, and the number of operating parking berths is about 660,000. As the earliest city to start mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces, the development of Guangzhou mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces has been slowed down by planning, construction, property rights and cost issues. So far, there are only 7,000 mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces, while Beijing has 220,000.
This year, the Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC will raise the issue of parking difficulties as the No. 1 proposal of the Chairman's Meeting and be supervised by Chen Rugui, the executive deputy mayor of Guangzhou. The Guangzhou Municipal Government stated in the reply to the proposal that the Guangzhou indoor machinery parking lot is exempt from planning permission. The administrative approval of the construction of outdoor mechanical parking spaces and non-garage buildings into mechanical parking garages and outdoor mechanical parking garages will adopt a parallel approval work mode, exempting the pattern of difficult management approval in the past.
As of June 2014, the number of motor vehicles in Guangzhou was about 2.51 million, of which 1.87 million were medium and small passenger cars; 3829 registered parking lots in the city, and about 660,000 operational parking berths, including operational mechanical parking. There are 50 games and about 7,000 parking berths. The contradiction between supply and demand of parking berths will remain more prominent, which is reflected in the parking in the central urban area, the commuting of commercial and office concentration areas, and the temporary parking of some public facilities such as hospitals, schools, libraries, and government centers. During the two sessions this year, the CPPCC Urban Construction Committee put forward a key proposal of “not only paying attention to the line but also paying attention to the stop”. The proposal was supervised by the deputy mayor Chen Rugui.
As the earliest city to start mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces, the development of mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces has been slow to develop due to problems of planning, construction, property rights and costs. Up to now, there are only 4,337 mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces in Guangzhou, and there are as many as 220,000 in Beijing. The number of mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces in many cities across the country is higher than that in Guangzhou. CPPCC member Cui Hong said that simplifying the procedure is the most important solution. As one of the authors of the proposal, she suggested that they can learn from the experience of Shanghai and Beijing. For the mechanical three-dimensional parking lot, “administer according to the installation of auxiliary buildings and special equipment”.
19 departments and 12 districts and counties jointly handled yesterday, the reporter saw in the reply of the municipal government's proposal, the reply that compared with the traditional plane self-propelled parking lot, the mechanical three-dimensional parking garage has a small footprint and space utilization ratio. The high advantage is an effective way to alleviate the parking demand under the limited land resources conditions. This provides a good management idea for strengthening the static traffic management of Guangzhou city and further alleviating the parking difficulty in the central city.
The municipal government attached great importance to this, and the deputy mayor Chen Rugui personally supervised it. The municipal transportation work leading group office and the 19 municipal direct functional departments and 12 district (county-level cities) governments handled it seriously. In response to the proposal, Guangzhou encourages and supports the installation of mechanical parking equipment in the existing parking garages to meet the requirements to increase the number of parking spaces. For the new parking spaces in the new buildings, mechanical parking facilities and built-in parking garages are built. Parking facilities are now exempt from planning permission.
The outdoor mechanical parking garage will be approved in parallel. It is difficult to approve the mechanical three-dimensional parking lot. Multi-head management has always been one of the bottlenecks restricting the development of the three-dimensional parking lot in Guangzhou. The reply of the proposal indicates that Guangzhou is currently revising the “Guangzhou Parking Lot Management Measures” in accordance with relevant regulations. The next step will be implemented according to the industry management model and the planning approval process. For the administrative approval of the construction of a new mechanical parking building with a covered and enclosed wall, a non-garage building, and a mechanical parking garage and an outdoor mechanical parking frame, a parallel approval mode is adopted, based on mechanical three-dimensional The technical standards for the approval of parking garages (towers) are revised and improved, and the parallel approval information system is implemented to realize information sharing, shorten the examination and approval time, improve the efficiency of examination and approval, and complete the deadline.
The reply to the proposal also stated that Guangzhou City has granted preferential policies for building area to the mechanical three-dimensional parking garage. However, discounts are given in the form of discounts on greening rates or discounts on land transfer fees. The reply to the proposal indicates that it is not yet achievable. The land transfer fee privilege cannot be given to the mechanical three-dimensional parking berth before the national policy is adjusted.
Jinshazhou Jiufeng Mountain will be built to change the parking lot. Guangzhou will increase the construction of public parking lots. For example, the preliminary work of the construction of the public parking lot of the Fengfeng Mountain has been carried out in the Jinshazhou area of ​​Baiyun District. It is planned to build 700 parking spaces in 2015. After the completion of the organization, it will alleviate the problem of parking difficulties for residents in Jinshazhou and Foshan entering Guangzhou.
The meter ladder charges are included in the price bureau plan. The proposal proposes to implement different pricing policies based on the investment channels of the parking lot and the actual use, berth area, and construction and operation costs of the parking facilities. The reply of the proposal indicates that due to the high cost, the mechanical three-dimensional parking lot can be properly floated on the basis of the standard for parking and storage service fees of similar parking lots, and the specific fluctuation range is reported to the competent department for price approval. The proposal for "market price for commercial parking lots and operating parking lots" is temporarily impossible due to provincial regulations. At present, the Municipal Price Bureau has actively reflected the actual situation of Guangzhou to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and strived for the support of the higher-level departments for Guangzhou to optimize the regulation of parking lot charges.
Regarding the proposal of “establishing a progressive charging mechanism based on parking time and parking duration and promoting the utilization of berths”, the proposal replied that in the next step, the Municipal Price Bureau will collect traffic operation data with the Municipal Communications Commission, study and formulate traffic conditions. Linked meter parking lot charging standard linkage mechanism and stepped charging mechanism. This work involves a large amount of data survey and analysis work, which has been included in the 2015 Research Work Plan of the Municipal Price Bureau.




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