Heavy medium vortex cyclone

    It is essentially an inverted cyclone (below), which works essentially the same as a heavy medium cyclone and can be used as a grading or concentrating device in addition to heavy media beneficiation . When used for heavy medium beneficiation, the feed size is allowed to be coarse, which can be 2~30mm, the processing capacity is larger, the sorting efficiency is higher, and the mineral with smaller density difference can be sorted. Moreover, the mineral composition, particle size composition and ore fluctuation of the ore supply have little effect on the sorting index, and the coarser weighting agent can be used to facilitate recovery and purification. The specifications for the swirler Φ200mm, Φ300mm, primarily for sorting ore tungsten ore and lead zinc ore.

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Material grade: stainless steel 301, stainless steel 304


                     steel DC01,DC04,ST12,Q235,SJ235R

                     galvanized steel sheet DX51D

Stock thickness ranges from 0.30mm-6.0mm for stainless steel

                                        0.30mm-6.0mm for aluminum

                                        0.20mm-6.0mm for carbon steel

Surface finishing: polishing, satin blasted, powder coating, electro plating, anodize

Application: connectors, mounting brackets, supports, chassis parts ..etc. 

Metal Bracket

Metal Bracket,Aluminum Bracket,Stainless Steel Bracket,Steel Brackets

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