How to make LED explosion-proof lamps only choose the right ones

Faced with various brands in the market, a wide variety of LED explosion-proof lamps, many people do not know how to choose, people who have difficulty choosing, will be a headache, if you want to buy cost-effective LED explosion-proof lamp products, then first Come and let me know about the current status of the LED lighting industry!
Because of insufficient external demand, weak domestic demand, and the reasons for the industry entering the mature stage. The price of the station name product is constantly being brushed down and the competition is in full swing. The price of T8 lamps and bulbs is low: as an alternative lighting, T8 tubes are very important in light source lighting companies, and their prices are also high. The domestic 1.2-meter LED T8 lamp has entered the ten-yuan era, and the enterprise has fallen into the stage of “price drop and increase” to maintain the growth of operating income. On the one hand, the production technology and scale of upstream enterprises have gradually increased, and the supply chain has gradually matured. On the other hand, leading enterprises have achieved market standardization in order to “baptize” the market. This has intensified the competitive atmosphere of the market. The price competition of LED bulbs is also quite fierce.
No matter how the market changes, the only magic weapon to determine the sales volume of LED explosion-proof lamps is always its price! This can be felt from the auctions of major manufacturers. Whether to seize market share or to remove inventory, the cost is recovered. Every time you use price promotions, it is always the simplest and most rude but the most effective means.
When many customers buy products, the biggest concern is always the price issue. For example, we use the same kind of product options, promotions, clearance activities and so on. It can be said that the squandering is getting more and more charming! So how do we choose the most cost-effective product from so many products?
First: It is necessary to clarify the basic performance and basic principles of the LED explosion-proof lamp products that you have purchased. Don't make random choices because of the low price. To know such explosion-proof products, the most taboo will be. Also don't buy products that you can't use because the price is reasonable. Fearless increase in product cost. After meeting the needs of your own slow enough products, consider other issues such as price.
Second: to understand the reasons for manufacturers to cut prices. Some manufacturers are trying to seize market share, or simply want to use price stations to move to their opponents. Like this kind of activity, the products you buy may not have too good quality guarantee, especially if they are purchased, they will not be returned. Most of them are problems with quality problems or reduced LED explosion-proof lamp accessories. This, don't buy. And like some manufacturers in order to recover costs, clear inventory, and do the activities. This is a very cost-effective product! But maybe after-sales service will not be so timely. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to clarify the situation of its after-sales service.
Finally, it is necessary to purchase products in those manufacturers that have LED explosion-proof lamp production qualifications. Because these large manufacturers generally pay more attention to brand promotion, so the quality of the products is also very important. When we buy products made by such manufacturers, we can use them with confidence.
As the industry continues to mature and the market accelerates its popularity, LED explosion-proof lamps are entering the era of meager profit. In the future, lighting manufacturers should further improve product cost performance through scale and new technologies on the premise of ensuring high quality. At the same time, LED lighting should also seek cross-border cooperation, actively deploying the field of intelligent lighting to better meet the market demand of multi-level and multi-type.

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