How to reduce the frequency converter interference to DCS signals

The frequency converter has a wide range of applications in many fields. The use of the inverter will always interfere with the DCS signal, then what kind of measures can effectively deal with the interference problem? The following Xiaobian will introduce you to the specific treatment measures.

Reasonable wiring can weaken the intensity of interference signals to a considerable extent. When wiring, the control lines of various devices should be as far away as possible from the input and output lines of the inverter. In the space, the control line should cross the input and output lines of the inverter as far as possible, and it is better to cross vertically.

To reduce the interference from the source to the reactor or filter, for low-power inverters, the cost is higher. We use a low-cost electromagnetic interference suppression method: the motor cable is passed through the ferrite ring, so that part of the wire is passed through The impedance increases locally, preventing electromagnetic interference currents from passing through. If the wire is wound a few times around the ferrite ring, the total inductance and impedance will increase with the square of the number of turns. The motor cable can pass through the ferrite ring three times. However, it should be noted that the ground wire connecting the motor and the frequency converter should be left outside the ring.

Shielding the line The connection line between the inverter and the motor should be penetrated into the metal pipe as much as possible. The metal pipe should be grounded. The signal line shielding layer can only be connected to one end or the other, and must not be connected at both ends.

The grounding wire should be as thick as possible. The grounding point should be as close as possible to the inverter; the grounding wire should be as far away as possible from the power cord; the ground wire used by the inverter must be separated from the ground wire of other equipment; grounding of all equipment must be absolutely avoided. After connecting the wires together, the ground terminal of the inverter cannot be connected to the neutral wire of the power supply;

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