Hyundai Heavy Industries develops a boat room that can be moved

The " SkyBench (Mobile House)" developed by Hyundai Heavy Industries has recently obtained basic certification from DNVGL, the world's largest classification society .

"SkyBench" design on a very large container ship room by the introduction of the track (rail), move the wheels (wheel) of (mobile) concept, thus greatly improving the degree of utilization of space, cargo loading capacity also will be a substantial increase.

The crew's living space - the boat room is " unmovable " space, but Hyundai Heavy Industries broke the inherent concept and developed the " SkyBench " for the first time in the world . Now it has completed the patent procedure and registered the brand. “ SkyBench ” can move a total of 13m in the length direction. After the movement of the boat room, the space in the lower part of the boat room can be increased. For example, if the 19000TEU -class super-large container ship introduces the design, it can additionally load 450 containers.

The related design also improves the safety of the crew, and the ship's cabin can be separated from the hull by buoyancy when the ship sinks.

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