Installation and commissioning of RIK90-4 centrifugal air compressor unit

Installation and Commissioning of Rule 04 Centrifugal Air Compressor Unit Liu Xiaopeng, Wan Jianyu, Yu Linfeng Xinyu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Gas Plant, Jiangxi Xinyu 338003 Oxygen Project 1904 Centrifugal Air Compressor Installation Process, Problems and Treatments in Installation Introduced.

1 Overview The air compressor is the core equipment of the air separation unit. With the enlargement of the air separation unit, the use of large centrifugal compressors is becoming more and more popular. Domestic large-scale compressors still have some gaps compared with foreign products in the key aerodynamic design materials and scientific manufacturing processes. Therefore, at this stage, domestic large-scale air separation is accustomed to the use of imported air compressor units. Although imported units have certain advantages in terms of reliability and low energy consumption, they also have certain disadvantages in terms of secondary investment in spare parts procurement. In order to solve these problems, and to achieve high reliability and efficiency, and low energy consumption, Shaanxi Drum Power Co., Ltd. is called the submersible air compressor unit jointly produced by Shaanxi Drum and the international compressor giant Kong 60. The price application has certain advantages in large air separation.

The performance of 2904 turbine air compressor is introduced by the new steel company 2500. The oxygen generator is selected from the WK904 isothermal air compressor jointly produced by Shaanxi drum MANTURBO. The compressor is designed by several 60 companies and provides key components such as compressor rotor radial bearing stage soft seal stage water cleaning nozzle compressor inlet vane actuator outlet check valve anti-surge valve compressor with Speed ​​increase box rigid coupling, etc. Shaanxi drum is responsible for providing the complete design of the static equipment and its field sub-meters, such as the welding casing gas distributor, the inlet volute exhaust end bearing housing cooler, the water cleaning device base, and the inlet box of the speed box asynchronous motor and the coupling. Supply.

The milk 041+1+1+1 isothermal centrifugal air compressor uses axial air intake. An inlet guide vane and an adjusting device are arranged at the inlet, the rotor is composed of a single-axis element flow impeller, and two sets of gas cooler tube bundles are arranged on the left and right sides of the front stage impeller, and the gas is directly cooled from the impeller outlet through the cooler to enter the lower stage compression. The cooler tube bundle is placed in the casing, the gas flow is short, and the pressure loss is small. Since the whole machine design and key rotating parts of the unit are completed by Company 0, the static equipment is completed by Shaanxi drum, so the unit has high efficiency, low energy consumption, small floor space, stable operation, high reliability and high cost performance. The whole machine price is the original imported price. About 60, the design parameters of the new steel milk type 04 air compressor are as follows: 1 100 performance load guarantee value; the flow adjustment range design value of 805 is the cooling water temperature 320; the cooling water consumption plant 68501; the cooling water temperature rises 8+12 3 Problems encountered during the installation process and solutions 3.1 Before the bearing vibration probe leaking oil Because of the use of axial air intake, the compressor front bearing seat is placed in the middle of the intake volute, in the aspect of support, and in other aspects To the air distribution guide, if the intake chamber bearing leaks oil, the oil will enter the compressor along the airflow and then enter the air separation system, which not only pollutes the components inside the compressor but also seriously threatens the safe operation of air separation. The oil seal provided by the manufacturer and the inlet hole of the upper cover of the inlet chamber bearing are sealed by the 0-ring. The tightness between the 0-ring and the probe cannot be controlled during the installation process. There is oil leakage during use. After the study and obtained the Shaanxi drum technicians agreed to ream the hole, the seal was sealed with a skeleton oil seal, and it was tightened with a compression nut on it and the proofing and anti-looseness completely solved the oil leakage of the vibration probe.

In the road, the original impeller cleaning system nozzle and its pipeline are unreliable and loose. Considering that the unit is running at high speed, if the nozzle is loose, it will fall off and enter the air passage with time, resulting in impeller damage and even damage to the entire unit. Therefore, we have strengthened the welding of the nozzle and its pipeline with the approval of the manufacturer to avoid hidden dangers.

3.3 Unit speed increase box shaft vibration is too large Ask the same model The first unit in the running process there is excessive speed of the speed increase box high-speed shaft, up to 83μm80μm alarm, seriously threatening the safe operation of the unit, in order to eliminate this hidden danger, the research believes that compression There is a hard connection between the machine and the speed box. The thrust bearing is installed on the low-speed shaft of the speed box. It is usually installed on the rotor of the unit. The speed-increasing box is used to bear the axial force of the unit. In addition, the speed-increasing box does not have a mounting base. Instead, it is placed directly on the concrete foundation. In this way, the speed box is not fixed reliably, which will inevitably cause the unit to be in operation during operation, and the speed box will make a slight movement, which will cause the unit vibration value to exceed the standard. Therefore, our factory decided to increase the rigid base. After the operation is very good, the vibration maximum is 13, and when the axial displacement of the speed increase box is checked, the axial displacement is found to be 83, and the design requirement is 0.40, 05. In this case, in consultation with the NGC technicians, the thrust bearing gasket was reworked from the original 3.30 to 3.65. After the installation personnel test the axial displacement of the unit was 0.406.45, which met the design requirements.

4 The installation size of the unit is deviated and the equipment of this type is the first set of the same type of equipment produced by Shaanxi Drum 10 Company. During the installation and commissioning of the same unit of the same model, due to the deviation of the installation dimensions provided by 10 companies, the installation of the unit has passed many times. In order to avoid the same personnel road to the same unit of the same unit, the unit used to understand the installation process and treatment plan, and the Shaanxi drum technicians combined with the problems in the installation and commissioning of the same model of the same model to develop a gap adjustment installation and commissioning program. The actual installation size of this set of equipment 2.

The speed-increasing box and compressor centering data are mounted on the shaft of the speed-increasing machine to drive the radial axis of the compressor shaft. The data of the speed box and the motor are mounted on the shaft of the speed-increasing machine. In the test and processing 5.1 compressor-grade exhaust generating biasing unit during the test run, the difference between the two sides of the exhaust gas temperature is found to be large, the initial judgment may be that the inlet vane blade angle distribution is poor, resulting in uneven air distribution, leading to the rank The gas produces a bias current. The parking check found that the root crank connecting rod of the inlet guide vane actuator broke, because the actuator stroke was too long, and the blade opening degree was too large to exceed 1 to cause the blade to reverse, causing the crank to be broken at the dead corner and causing the fracture. Turn down the 39th cable. The shield grounding adopts the single-end grounding of the PLC control cabinet. The unused conductors and shields of the multi-core cable are connected to the shield ground. The high-voltage cabinet side of the site cannot be grounded. At the same time, the control is changed. The laying method of the cable is laid along the instrument control bridge to eliminate or reduce the interference.

4 Check the signal receiving circuit of the motor control running motor of the instrument control system, replace the components and terminals with poor quality, and ensure that the instrument control receiving line is normal. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the equipment, the setting time of the feedback signal waiting for the motor running in the 1 control program is changed from 58 to 2, 3, and the fault caused by the signal instability is eliminated as much as possible.

6 Increase the motor current signal as another criterion for air compressor operation. The air compressor current signal is connected, 1 analog module, when the current is greater than 0.1, the air compressor circuit breaker, the ratio of 1 to 800 5, 10 is that the air compressor is starting or running; when the current is less than 0.1, That is to say, the air compressor is stopped. The current criterion is connected with the raw motor running feedback signal. As long as one of the criteria is normal and the instrument is controlled, the raw motor will be considered to be operating normally, and the raw motor running feedback fault information will not be issued, and the air compressor will not be interlocked.

4 Conclusion Through the rectification of the feedback fault of the motor running of the air compressor of the 4 oxygen generator, the hidden troubles are eliminated. In the subsequent start and operation of the air compressor, there is no starting failure or stop due to the feedback fault of the motor running. Ensure the safe and stable operation of the 4 oxygen generators. At the same time, it provides a feasible solution for the same problem of other oxygen generators.

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5.2 Motor stator coil temperature is too high During the operation of the unit, the coil temperature of the motor is too high, up to 1430. If it runs for a long time, it will shorten the service life of the motor, and then contact the motor manufacturer. The manufacturer believes that the motor cooler should be replaced to expand the cooling. Heat exchange area of ​​the device, aluminum for copper. After replacement, the motor coil temperature is 130, right.

5.3 Anti-surge protection of the air compressor The anti-surge curve of the air compressor is tested by the technicians on site. During the test, the technicians are worried that the unit will surge and damage the equipment, but only the theoretical curve is valid, and the theoretical curve The opening degree of the guide vane does not match the newly adjusted guide vane opening degree of our factory. Therefore, the theoretical curve is far from the actual curve. This causes the load adjustment difficulty in the actual operation of the unit, and even the occurrence of surge misjudgment, resulting in After the air compressor jumps to the safe mode, the guide vane is closed to 25, and the vent valve is emptied. In order to ensure the safe operation of the unit, the guide vane must be opened to 60 or more, and the open air valve is operated, 16th, 2005. Using the annual inspection opportunity, the surge test was repeated to prove that the two data differed by 0.08 PCT or more. At present, the unit can operate safely with a 40-leaf opening.

6 Conclusion Although the key components of the air compressor are provided by the company 0, but because the performance of the motor restricts the performance of the compressor, such as the selection of the best domestic or imported motor, it can reflect the excellent performance of the whole machine. With the commissioning and continuous improvement of more similar units, this Chinese-foreign cooperative production unit will be recognized by more users.

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