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Yesterday there were rumors that Baidu will invest in Uber, a taxi application software. Baidu has indeed sent invitations to foreign countries and is scheduled to announce an important cross-border investment on the 17th of this month. Not long ago, Didi announced that it had received a US$700 million investment, and investors included Tencent. Alibaba has invested a quick taxi. The domestic "BAT" three Internet giants spontaneously took a look at the Internet taxi field. There are three giant giant financial support, domestic people use the Internet taxi application software travel, is expected to be cheaper and more convenient. While online, Uber, Fast, and Didi have used fierce competition in the Internet commercial car rental industry.

Uber: Morning Peak subsidy driver 1.5 times fare

A taxi request is sent on the Uber mobile phone application software. A driver's answer is quickly displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. The driver's license plate number and model are displayed. At this time, the vehicle position is also displayed on the mobile phone map software. The car arrives in less than 5 minutes. Before the reporter.

Uber is an Internet taxi application software from the United States. It entered the Beijing market in July this year. Unlike other taxi drivers, when people make a taxi request on a mobile phone, Uber automatically selects the driver closest to the passenger at that time and pushes the passenger's taxi information to Uber software on the driver's mobile phone. Master Liu, a 50-year-old driver, said that he originally drove in a company and now retired to continue as a driver. "You don't look at Uber being an American company. You are also willing to invest money in the Beijing market." Master Liu told reporters that if the taxi driver costs 50 yuan during the morning peak hours, the passenger will transfer the 30 yuan fee to the company's account through a credit card. The company will eventually return 125 yuan to the driver. In the evening rush hour, the driver gets twice as much as the cost of passenger taxis. Less than 10 kilometers of mileage that night, due to a total of more than 20 minutes of traffic jams, the final taxi cost is 29 yuan. Liu Xing skillfully operated his own mobile phone and confirmed the taxi fare. "My business income is nearly 60 yuan. Now I earn more money every year than when I was a driver." Liu Xing's happy face.

Fast: The car wash also gives subsidies

Entering the destination on the No. 1 car mobile APP, a driver quickly grabs a single, and a Toyota Camry stops shortly before the reporter. The driver, Master Zhang, dressed in professional clothes. “There is mineral water behind you. You are free to use it.” The reporter who just got on the train received a warm reminder. Zhang Rui had previously worked as a full-time driver in a foreign company and switched to work after a few years. He recently joined the No. 1 car. After the passengers use the No. 1 car, the fees are automatically transferred to the No. 1 car company through the mobile phone software. The company then returns 60% of the total costs to the driver. In Zhang Rui’s opinion, the driver of No. 1 car is still very good. “My car is provided by the company. The cost of vehicle maintenance is usually the company’s responsibility. It also subsidizes the car wash fee of 200 yuan per month. Responsible for the fuel costs.” Of course, Zhang Rui opened the company to provide vehicles, must guarantee the completion of at least 6 single business every day, “If you can not complete for several days, the company will have to take the car.” Reporter noted that Master Zhang on the phone The No. 1 car APP shows that his total passenger income exceeded RMB 4,500 in 10 days this month. According to the regulations, it will receive a share of more than RMB 2,700. “As long as we are serious about removing expenses such as fuel costs, our monthly net income can certainly More than 6,000 yuan."

Didi: 80% of income to drivers

Didi's business car service. After inputting the destination information on the dripped taxi software, the system began to push the reporter’s taxi information to the surrounding private car drivers. In 1 minute, the driver had “robbed the single”. In less than 3 minutes, a Beijing Hyundai Sonata stopped at the reporter. In front of you.

Master Liu told reporters that he used to be a full-time driver for a commercial car rental company, earning a dead salary, and if there are many children, he has some subsidy. Now that the company has signed a contract with Dripping, it will follow and continue to drive. Unlike in the past, his income is now linked to the actual workload, and 15% of the passenger-carrying revenue completed in the same month is to be paid to DDT as a management fee, another 5% to the business car rental company, and the remaining 80% to himself. Master Liu said that he had done a comparison before joining the DDT as a driver. Although the policies of the companies are different, the actual income of the drivers is not much different. “For example, the driver is divided into 60%, and the driver is divided into 80%, but the fast vehicle maintenance costs are borne by the company, and our vehicle maintenance costs are borne by the drivers, so the final actual profit ratio is not much different.” At the same time, he also said that he drove out every morning at 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning. The car will be picked up at 6 or 6 o'clock in the evening and the monthly gross income will also exceed 10,000 yuan.

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