Italy develops 5-axis compound machine with higher cutting flexibility

Breton, Italy, developed the "ULTRIX 800RT", a compound machine with higher workpiece cutting flexibility, and presented it at the "2005 European Machine Tool Show (EMO 2005)", which opened in Hanover, Germany on September 14, 2005. The machine combines the functions of a machining center (MC) and a rotary table to process not only complex-shaped workpieces such as turbine blades used on aircraft, but also for cutting automotive parts and molds. The price is 550,000 euros.

The structural feature of the ULTRIX 800RT is that the top end of the rotary cutter is facing downwards, that is, the vertical MC is placed on the upper side of the machine. Like the stage of the vertical rotary table, the rotating device of the disc-shaped stage for fixing the workpiece is set on the machine tool. Lower side. Such a disc-shaped stage is disposed on a device having a cradle-like "stage" which is capable of tilting the disc-shaped stage.

According to this configuration, the main axis on the MC side can be moved in three axial directions such as the X-axis in the lateral direction, the Y-axis in the front-rear direction, and the Z-axis in the vertical direction. The stage side is provided with a C-axis indicating the rotation of the disk-shaped stage, and an A-axis for controlling the machined surface by tilting the cradle-like "stage". In other words, the ULTRIX 800RT is a 5-axis composite machine.

In the past, customers who used the two machines of MC and rotary table to cut workpieces now only need to use a new compound machine. As a result, space and manpower can be saved, and the cost reduction effect can be achieved accordingly. In addition, since the workpiece machining can be completed in a single fixing, the operation time is shortened, and the production time can be shortened.

The company has locked its development targets on 5-axis composite machines for machine tools. "There are a lot of competitors in the ordinary 3-axis MC, so we are ready to compete with the processing flexibility of the machine."

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