·Japan Electric Power Research and Development fully integrated traction motor system is expected to be mass-produced in 2019

According to foreign media reports, Nidec Corporation has developed a new fully integrated traction motor system (bridge) consisting of a motor, a reduction gearbox and an inverter.
The new system is the latest iterative product of the company's research and development bridge to cope with the growing demand for automotive electrification.
In the first bridge design released by Nidec in 2017, the inverter was mentioned. In addition to the integration of the components, the torque output capability of the new bridge has also been improved. The lightweight bridge system weighs 83 kilograms (about 183 pounds) and has a maximum power output and peak torque of 150 kw and 3900 N·m, respectively.
In addition, the new fully integrated design eliminates wiring between components, making it more compact and enhancing design flexibility.
The new traction motor system covers a wide range of applications, from compact cars to SUV platforms, and is also compatible with all-wheel-drive vehicles due to the clutch mechanism available. The clutch mechanism will disengage only when the two wheels need to be powered. It is expected that the equipment will be mass-produced in 2019, first sold in China, and then promoted globally.
Founded 45 years ago, Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. initially had only four engineers and gradually grew into a leading global integrated motor manufacturer with nearly 300 subsidiaries and nearly 100,000 employees worldwide. .
After becoming the first company in the world to successfully implement direct drive spindle motors for hard disk drives (HDDs) using brushless DC motor technology, the company entered the automotive motor market and made it the fastest growing market. Business segmentation.
Nidec's electric steering motors account for the largest market share in the world and help to strengthen the company's industry position.

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