Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. launched a new product - LFXZ steam flow meter

Recently, Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. launched a new product, the LFXZ type steam Flow Meter, which is a special meter for measuring the cumulative mass flow of steam. It consists of a flow sensor and an intelligent flow totalizer, which can be accurately read out. The instantaneous and cumulative mass flow through the meter steam can also be outputted in unit pulse, 4-20 mA, RS485 mode according to requirements. The meter also has automatic temperature or pressure compensation. The instrument adopts a liquid crystal display with backlight, which has the advantages of high display precision, low operation failure rate, simple structure, moderate price and wide measuring range compared with the mechanical head. It is widely used in various industries where steam metering is required.

Main technical data:

1. Measurement medium: saturated steam, micro superheated steam (superheat ≤ 30 ° C)

2. Maximum medium temperature: 220 ° C

3. Nominal diameter: DN25, DN50, DN80, DN100

4. Working pressure: ≤1.6MPa

5. Power supply: 11.5 ~ 30VDC 3.6V lithium battery

6. Working environment: temperature -20 ~ 50 ° C

7. Density compensation method: temperature or pressure compensation

8. Accuracy level: level 1, level 1.5

Rock Drill Bit and Drill Rod

Rock drill bit and rock drill rod are important accessories of the rock Drilling Machine.

There are many types of drill bits like tungsten carbide tapered drill bits, chisel bit, threaded button bit, cross bit, which generally used to drill holes within diameter of 50mm in middle rock by light-duty drills that models like Y6, Y10, Y24. The button bits have two flushing holes and are available in three types: flat, convex and concave, and cross drill bits is mainly used for very hard rock.

The drill rod has other name is drill pipe, is a device used to transport the drilling mud to the drill bit and to raise, lower or rotate the bottom hole with the drill bit. Drill rods are divided into square drill pipe and heavy wall drill pipe.


Range of application according to hardness Level:

The hardest: like compact quartz and basalt
Strong hard: like hard quartz, the hardest sandstone

Hard: normal sandstone, iron ore

Middle hard: limestone, soft conglomeraterock drill bits

Drilling Rods And Bits

Rock Drill Rods,Core Drill Bits,Tungsten Core Drill Bit,Jack Hammer Drill Bits

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