Lemag fuel switching system approved by MAN

Lemag Lehmann & Michels, based in Hamburg, Germany, said that the company has received a letter of no-objection from the Mann (ship hangar) diesel engine (purchasing supply) and Turbo, saying that the MAN engine (product library purchase) Supply) can use the company's CONTROLmag fuel switching system.

It is reported that the company designed this fuel switching system in 2008 at Mann's request to safely switch between heavy fuel oil (HFO) and marine distillate (MDO).

For example, when a ship enters or exits a pollution emission control zone, the Lemag system can control the entire process of fuel switching. The designed system includes a DIESEL diverter switch valve (product library supply) door, magnetically coupled seal, and rotor The location is equipped with a feedback sensor (product library purchase supply).

Three special valve designs also enable the switching between the different levels of the HFO and MDO fuel tanks, with a level difference of 20 meters. The entire switching process is equipped with more than 50 sets of alarms (product library purchase supply) systems to control the switching process and protect the engine.

The CONTROLmag system has been registered with several patents, and Mann's no-objection letters represent valuable and timely opportunities.

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