Macau LED lighting market demand exceeds 20 billion

Macau not only brings together the world's best gaming companies, but also has the largest gaming industry chain. At the same time, Macau is the most developed place in the global hotel industry and a model for the global decoration industry. In particular, the Macao SAR government has shifted its focus to promoting diversified economic development. After efforts to build an international tourism and leisure center and a regional business and service platform, hotels, casinos and resorts have generated huge demand for lighting projects.
The demand for door lighting exceeds 20 billion. It is understood that the revenue of casinos in Macau in 2013 was as high as 360.7 billion yuan. The annual revenue of the major casinos for decorating and improving various lighting and lighting equipment is about 2% (or 7.214 billion yuan). In addition, Macao will be completed in 2015-2016 including Parisian Resort Hotel, Galaxy Macau Phase II, Xinyi Studios, Wynn Macau Resort Hotel, MGM Road City Project and SJM Resort Casino. The six major casino projects, with a total investment of 120.4 billion yuan, of which about 8 (or 9.632 billion yuan) will be used to purchase lighting equipment, including hotel lighting, commercial lighting projects, indoor and outdoor lighting, decorative lights, crystal lights, LED advertising light source products, LED outdoor lighting products, LED media display, LED outdoor lighting, custom lighting and other lighting lighting equipment procurement.
In addition, the Macau Government Energy Office launched an overall plan in 2011 to replace all lighting lamps in government public facilities and the public sector with LED equipment lamps in the next five years, and to implement solar photovoltaic grid-connected applications in 2013. The Macao government will establish a solar-powered public grid grid-connected technical safety regulation, which stipulates that LED replacement projects will be fully implemented in the next four to five years, all adopting designs that reduce energy usage by more than 40. The standard will also be used in large-scale gaming venues, hotels and other private places, the overall market is not less than 10 billion yuan.
Creating a model market to spread the Chinese lighting technology, the well-known Macau casino, most or even all the lighting required for indoor lighting engineering and exterior LED lighting projects, are provided by domestic enterprises, and show the world through these outstanding projects. The domestic advanced lighting technology. Domestic lighting and lighting companies can use Macao to create a model market, and then open up markets to countries such as Asia and the United States.

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