·Modern recalled 24,400 Lauens due to shifting failure

On March 6th, Hyundai Motor Co. will recall 24,400 2015 Lawns cars in the United States. According to the US Traffic Management Bureau, there is a fault in the shift indication of the vehicle.
According to the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the hazard was mainly caused by water leakage from the taillights of the vehicle. Especially in the case of heavy rain or car wash, it is easy for Lawns to cause water ingress due to poor sealing of the lamp. Hyundai said: "In a few cases, water leakage in the lights can easily cause the signal to malfunction." This can easily lead to incorrect display or shift delays when the vehicle changes from parking to reverse or driving. The US Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated: "If the gear position is displayed incorrectly, it is likely to increase the risk of accidental movement of the vehicle and cause a collision."
In addition to the Lawns model, the unit of the combination lamp is not used in other models. Up to now, no reports of crashes or injuries related to this issue have been received. The recalled vehicle production date starts on February 21, 2014 and ends on January 24, 2015.
The relevant dealers of Hyundai Motor Co. said they will install cushions for the recalled vehicles for free to prevent water leakage.

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