"Multi-layer air combination drying equipment" technology won the national invention patent

China Drying Network Recently, a multi-layer air supply combined drying equipment invented by the Industrial Product Safety Technology Center of the Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau obtained the national invention patent certificate.

The invention relates to a multi-layer air supply combined drying device for checking the drying and storage of chemical raw material samples and desiccants used in the quarantine work. In the process of commodity inspection and quarantine, samples of various chemical materials need to be dried and preserved. Silica gel desiccants are used for the drying and storage of chemical raw material samples with high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, and high mechanical strength. . The storage and transfer of silica gel desiccant must be in a dry environment. The traditional desiccant and desiccant storage containers are two separate and separate devices. During the transfer process, moisture absorption will occur. The desiccant storage container will have poor seal and internal temperature. Changes in humidity can also render silica gel desiccants useless. At the same time, the samples of chemical raw materials subject to inspection and quarantine cannot be mixed in the same container due to their large variety, small quantity, and different chemical properties, resulting in over-dispersed placement, inconvenience of inspection and quarantine operations, and affecting the storage effect and the efficiency of inspection and quarantine work.

After repeated research, the scientific research personnel of the Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau skillfully used a multi-layer air supply combination drying equipment to combine several drying layers and several air duct layers to form a multi-layer structure box. Each drying layer is a closed drying area, and each drying area includes a number of drying rooms. Through the control system, the combined hot air device is rotated back and forth along a fan-shaped area, and hot air is sent in a circulatory scanning manner. The temperature and humidity data signals are collected by the temperature sensor and the humidity sensor, so that the temperature and the humidity of several drying rooms in the corresponding drying area are controlled within the set values ​​and kept constant. According to the nature of different kinds of samples, the drying speed, drying temperature, and drying time can be controlled respectively. It is suitable for long-term storage, convenient for inspection and quarantine operations, uniform and fast drying, simple and safe control, and effective compensation. There are technical deficiencies.

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