NGC develops the largest domestic rudder propeller propulsion system through identification

It is reported that the largest adjustable pitch rudder propeller propulsion system (Model: NRP550) independently developed by Nanjing Gaojing Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NGC Group, has successfully passed the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Committee. The identification of new products, the experts of the appraisal committee unanimously agreed that the technical indicators and structures of the products have reached the domestic leading and international advanced level.

     The NRP550 adjustable pitch rudder propulsion system independently developed by Nanjing Gaojing Marine has a rated power of 4,000 kW, the propeller (purchased by the product warehouse) has a diameter of 3,500 mm and a maximum input torque of 52,525 Nm. It is the largest domestic rudder propeller propulsion system with the largest power and propeller diameter. And the pitch of the blade is adjustable, so that the main engine (purchasing supply of the product library) can drive the shaft or the fire (purchasing supply) pump in the constant speed mode, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of the main engine, and reduce the energy of the whole ship. The cost of construction and construction saves space on the ship and increases the handling performance of the entire ship. The product adopts a side inclined propeller and a high-efficiency draft tube to check the bubble of the blade, reduce the influence of the bubble on the blade, and improve the life of the blade; the rudder angle feedback device, the manual slewing mechanism and the oil discharge Modular design of tools, etc., easy to realize interchangeable maintenance of parts; spiral bevel gear adopts Klingen Bell gear system, which has stronger carrying capacity and more stable transmission; remote control system based on PLC can realize follow-up control and standby control function It has the advantages of good reliability, easy operation and expandability. It adopts a new built-in disc pitch feedback mechanism and advanced hydraulic system to make the adjustable rudder propeller have the advantages of stable system, low energy consumption, high pitch adjustment and high steering precision. . The product integrates the propulsion function, the rudder function and the distance adjustment function. It can realize special driving operations such as ship's in-situ rotation, lateral movement, rapid retreat and steering in low speed range, and the shaft or fire pump on the ship can be directly connected. To the propulsion mainframe, there is no need to add a main engine with a shaft or fire pump. This product is widely used in special ships (ship type shipyard trading) and offshore industries, such as tugboats (ship type shipyards trading), top wheels, floating cranes (ship type shipyards trading), semi-submersible offshore platforms, wind power service vessels , semi-submersible transport ships, dredgers (ship type shipyards trading), ferries, work flat boats, etc. At present, Nanjing NGC rudder propeller series has obtained 23 patents, including 5 invention patents, and has received more than 200 orders. It is estimated that more than 80 new orders will be placed this year.

eference example: Water-sand blasting process with paint-removal and rust-removal from ships

With the water-sand blasting process, an abrasive agent is added to the high-pressure water, in order to enable efficient paint and rust removal from metallic surfaces. Dust contamination concerns mean that pure sand blasting is prohibited in many countries, or permissible only under strict conditions. Water-sand blasting is an alternative which enables the use of abrasive agents, such as sand, silica sand or ground blast furnace slag, in order to achieve different shot blasting results.

In comparison with purely abrasive agent shot blasting systems, this system has the advantage that no deformation (peening) arises in the shot blasted material. With the water-sand blasting process the heat is removed by the water so no form-changing heat concentration occurs in the shot blasted material. In addition, in case of paint removal with high pressure, the removed material is carried in the water and washed away.

In case of the water-sand blasting process, our AK600 HIGH PRESSURE GUN is provided with an injector, through which the abrasive additive is added to the water. With increasing operating pressure, the required quantity of abrasive agent reduces. Vice versa in comparison with pure water jets, a significantly lower pressure is required for a comparable result. 

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