North China First Machine Factory successfully developed X100 submerged arc welded pipe

On July 12, the reporter learned in an interview with the North China Petroleum Machinery Plant that after repeated research and development, the plant successfully developed the X100 steel grade, 813 mm × 12.5 mm straight seam submerged arc welded pipe. Tested and evaluated by the China Petroleum Pipe Research Institute, the quality of steel pipes has reached the level of the same international steel pipe. This is the factory after the successful development of X80 steel grade steel pipe, once again fill the gap in China's ultra-high strength pipeline steel pipe, and fill the gap in the world JCOE process steel pipe production.
X100 is the steel grade of ultra-high-strength pipeline steel in the world today. It is also one of the hotspots of pipeline steel development at home and abroad. The application of this steel pipe can significantly save the total cost of long-distance oil and gas pipelines. Currently, only a few countries in the world have Capacity development.
After successfully developing X80 steel grade steel pipe in 2004, North China Petroleum First Machinery Plant aimed at the development trend of pipeline steel pipe at home and abroad. Since last year, it has cooperated closely with domestic famous steel enterprises Angang and Nangang to develop their respective advantages and carry out X100 pipeline steel pipe. Development. In order to explore the welding rules of X100 steel pipe, this factory has carried out a large number of welding test research. From the matching of welding materials to the optimization of welding process parameters, a large number of comparative tests have been carried out. After welding test for half a year, the ideal welding process parameters are finally selected. . At the same time, in view of the high strength, large elastic modulus and high alloying element content of X100 steel plate, the designing process parameters were carefully studied, and the diameter of 813 mm × 12.5 mm X100 pipeline steel pipe was successfully produced by JCOE process. Steel pipe body, weld seam and other performances are good, reaching the level of the same kind of international steel pipe, and contributing to China's steel pipe production power to the steel pipe production power.

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