Precise swirl vortex flow meter in use need to consider what matters

Precession swirl vortex flow meter in use need to consider the following points:
(1) There must be no strong external magnetic field interference and strong mechanical vibration around the installation of the flowmeter; it should be far away from the flow state disturbance components (such as compressors, pressure regulators, headers, elbows, etc.) And the inner wall is smooth and flat to ensure that the measured medium is a clean single-phase fluid.
(2) When installed outdoors, the upper part of the flowmeter should be covered so as to avoid the intrusion of rainwater and sun exposure and affect the service life of the flowmeter. In the winter, the flow meter housing must be insulated to prevent fluid accumulation.
(3) Before installing the flowmeter, clean the pipeline debris, such as debris, welding slag, stones, dust, etc.
(4) The flowmeter should be reliably grounded, but it cannot be shared with the strong system ground.
(5) When the flowmeter is put into operation, the valve should be opened or closed slowly to prevent the instantaneous airflow from damaging the piping and instrument.
(6) For the same specifications of the precession vortex flowmeter, the core components such as vortex generating body and flow guiding fluid cannot be interchanged. Otherwise, the metering coefficient of the meter must be recalibrated and the temperature and pressure sensor equipped with it should be systematically corrected.
(7) The instrument should be calibrated regularly to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the instrument's long-term work (to avoid accidental outage and data loss).

Dustless Feeding System

The equipment is a transfer device that uses negative pressure and dust collection and is suitable for the opening and feeding of transit materials in the production process. The pulp can be stored first and then transported, effectively increasing the delivery volume. Used in combination with a dust collection system to avoid flying dust from traditional feeding.

The feeding station has a simple structure and is easy to operate.
The conical part of the silo is equipped with a vibrator to help the flow of material.
The screening system can be installed in the silo to prevent the caking material from clogging the discharge opening and conveying pipe.
In order to improve product quality, appearance and size may change.

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